New 'Ghostbusters' TV Spot Introduces Mrs. Slimer, Possible Slimer Mate

Slimer isn't alone in director Paul Feig's upcoming reboot.


We’re in the homestretch for director Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters reboot, which — ahem — busts into theaters on July 15. The marketing for the film has been typically vague, with the basic plot line and character motivations of stars Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon hazily drawn out in minute-long snippets. But this is a Ghostbusters movie, which means all you need to know is that a few academics and one normal person band together to fight an uptick in paranormal activity in New York City.

We even know about most of the throwback cameos in the reboot from the majority of the classic lineup of Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, and Ernie Hudson (RIP Harold Ramis). Sigourney Weaver will even emerge at some point. But a new TV spot didn’t so much unveil another cameo as give us an unknown backstory to one of the most iconic actors who previously appeared in Ghostbusters.

By “actor” we mean the slovenly and undead glob of ghostly green goo known as Slimer. It’s been known for a minute now that the original Ghostbusters enemy-turned-friend would make an appearance in the reboot. But what we didn’t know, is that he wouldn’t be alone.

The new TV spot for the movie reveals that Slimer will show up to cause problems for the new Ghostbusters along with a wife, who we’ll call Mrs. Slimer. As far as we know the ghost originally known as Onion Head was a ghost bachelor in the first two movies, and didn’t have to go around sliming Peter Venkman at the Sedgewick Hotel along with the missus.

We’re all for the Ghostbusters update adding to the lore, but the addition of Mrs. Slimer begs a few questions. We already knew Slimer could drive since he gave Louis Tully a lift to the fictional Manhattan Museum of Art at the end of Ghostbusters II. But as for this ghost relationship: we assume this means both gross green shots were once a happily married couple, but why do they look exactly the same in the afterlife? Do ghosts stay monogamous when they’re dead? If so, why would they? Does this mean ghost couples can have ghost babies, and, more importantly, do ghost couples have ghost sex?

Who knew that the dearly departed would stick together solely to haunt the living. Since the Scolari brothers caused a courtroom ruckus in Ghostbusters II we were well aware that ghost siblings were a thing. But considering the cryptic backstory of Slimer says he was born in 1500 that means he’s been a married man for a long time. Hopefully Mr. and Mrs. Slimer will be the most iconic ghost couple since Alec Baldwin and Gena Davis teamed up to haunt Winona Ryder’s family in Beetlejuice.

Check out another new TV spot below and ponder questionable ghost sex:

More importantly, does knowing that Slimer will probably be in this movie a whole lot along with wifey mean you’ll be more likely to see it? Also, why isn’t there a Stay Puft Marshmallow Woman?

Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters hits theaters next weekend.

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