The Best Trolls of 'Dark Souls 3'

A collection of the most entertaining player strategies from the Dark Souls community. 


Dark Souls features one of the most unique multiplayer systems within the video game industry, allowing players to cooperate together against difficult bosses or endlessly troll each other into the depths of frustration. For obvious reasons, these depths of frustration tend to be the more popular option; players work hard to create the ultimate strategies for enraging their opponents.

Ever since the release of Dark Souls 3 back in April, this trend has continued to bring us some of the most ridiculous character builds, team strategies and community videos the Dark Souls community has ever produced. The result? Swarming beehives of players, rolling players chasing down invaders with thorns and enough force pushes to rival a jedi master.

Here’s the best Dark Souls 3 trolls whose shenanigans have been posted online.

Bridge Patrol

By utilizing the abilities of the Firelink Greatsword and the Dragonslayer Greatbow alongside the Obscurity Ring, YouTuber Krazy was able to hide his character long enough to send dozens of players to their doom in the Catacombs of Carthus.

The Beyblade Crew

While the Winged Knight Halberd may not come across as the most appealing weapon for playing solo, Iron Pineapple and his beyblade gang showcase how dangerous it can be when you’re playing with a group.

The Kirk Fan Club

Located in Rosaria’s Bed Chamber, the Armor of Thorns set provides players with the ability to deal damage to enemies by rolling into them. The set doesn’t do too much damage on its own compared to weapon attacks – but with a group of fellow thorns at your side you can trap players in a rolling trap of doom.

The Bee Swarm

In Dark Souls 3 there’s no weapon class quite like the dagger. While it certainly doesn’t do much damage compared to the larger weapons in the game, the dagger weapons do provide players with one unique trait: the ability to dash across the battlefield. YouTuber JellyElite realized the potential behind combining this weapon skill with the Carthus Bloodring to up his iframes and decided to invite a few friends along to create the miraculous beehive.

The Death Star

With the end goal of building a Death Star in Dark Souls, YouTuber InfernoPlus set out to take one of the most powerful spells in the game and lay a trap for invading players. While there’s no doubt in my mind that this took countless attempts for his team to execute perfectly, I’m sure the end result made all of the work worth it. Heads up ladies and gentlemen, this is just about as close to the destruction of Alderaan in Dark Souls as we’re going to get.