This Fake Japanese Donald Trump Ad Is Horrifying but Totally Kawaii

Neons and ruffles decorate Mike Diva's brightly colored prediction of a bleak future where Trump becomes World President.

Japan has long been revered as a source for completely wacky commercials and out-of-this-world music video concepts. But most recently, astonishing outlandishness has found a new name in the presumptive Republican Presidential nominee, Donald Trump. With no more competition within his party in his quest for the White House, Trump has gone above and beyond at rallies to throw out lukewarm facts and imaginative predictions of his presidency.

Naturally, mixing the two into an insane music video ad was something that was just waiting to happen, and hero-slash-producer Mike Diva just happened to be the man up to the task. Posted yesterday on YouTube, Diva’s Japanese Donald Trump Commercial is a mind-boggling adventure through a Trump “World Presidency” and has already skyrocketed past 900,000 views.

Starring model Chloe Doan and employing the talents of cinematographer Jan-Michael Losada, the video kicks off in an all-pink, all-Trump room before taking off into a colorful playground of Trump’s various facial expressions, including squishy Trump-branded tsum-tsums. As bright as the video is, it takes a darker turn as Trump’s overexcited fan runs toward him, with images of tanks, rifles, and Nazi propaganda leading into the formation of a Trump mecha that then, predictably, blows up the entire planet.

This is far from Diva’s first viral video project: last month, dog_meme.avi soared across the internet to delight twitter timelines and slack timelines everywhere, taking in over a million views within its time on YouTube so far. His biggest video to date this year is his remix of Kazoo Kid, which currently has well over 10 million views. Outside of memes, Diva has also ventured into live action comic book shorts, bringing Jim Mahfood’s Grrl Scouts to life last year with Ant-Man’s Anna Akana in the lead.

As for the future: who knows? Unless things turn out the way the video predicts, Diva is likely to keep making these for a while.

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