This Video Captures All the Awkward E3 2016 Livestream Presentations in Their Glory

Try not to cringe.

You know those awkward moments in live newscasts where theres a momentary lag between the anchors in the studio and the correspondents live on the scene? It’s cringeworthy but it only lasts a few seconds. Now imagine a constant stream of dead air, jokes that don’t land, and live SNAFUs at the largest video game trade show in the world.

The Electronic Entertainment Expo is happening right now, and everybody is looking to check out the best gaming news from some of the industry’s biggest developers. While we’ve seen a lot of monumental announcements in the livestreamed events, it’s the in-between moments that are pure gold. Thankfully, this video has collected all of them moments in a single, four-minute and 20-second long video (which we hope is not a coincidence).

There’s a delicious irony in watching technology fail at a conference supposedly highlighting the most cutting edge gaming technology. Add to that some ham-fisted corporate marketing and the nervous jitters of hosts trying to keep their cool, and it makes for a video almost guaranteed to make you feel all awkward inside.

See if you can’t look away at the video below:

Whether its a host’s breathless enthusiasm for a video game trailer that they don’t really care about; Jamie Foxx and Zach Efron (who are high as fuck) trying to prove that they’re pumped and stoked, and stoked and pumped to be there not because their agents told them to be there but because they are, in fact, true gamers; or to see the most truthful answer from a dude who just lost a big video game tournament (“I feel, uh. I feel, uh. I feel, uh. I don’t know how I feel”); it makes you want to tune into the livestream just to see all the uncomfortable moments stuffed in between amazing game announcements.

Click play on this video as fast as you can but make sure you’re more cautious than Zack Serious Moe” Lane, who dedicated his life to Madden, but before his bright shining moment on stage he tripped over his shoelaces while racing a friend and broke his collarbone because he was too excited.

It’s okay to laugh, because we are all this woman who feigned happiness about getting a Minecraft Xbox Live achievement, on an iPad, onstage at E3.

High fives everyone!

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