Here's Why You Should be Excited for 'Titanfall 2''s Single Player Campaign 

Get ready to explore the massive universe behind Respawn Entertainment's project. 


This afternoon at EA Play a plethora of new games were unveiled and presented throughout the first major event surrounding E3 2016. Leading the charge was Battlefield 1 alongside Mass Effect Andromeda and Star Wars: Battlefront, but we also got a look into what Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment has been working on with their next game.

We’ve known about the sequel’s existence for quite some time now – but besides a few small leaks throughout the year, didn’t know too much about the direction Respawn Entertainment was taking it. But after today’s announcement? We know it’s a damn good one.

Most of the details were as expected, including the confirmation that Titanfall 2 would be coming to PS4 as well as Xbox One and PC. The team showcased two trailers which revealed a bunch of new gameplay features including energy weapons, revamped animations for player characters, additional melee finishers and the introduction of six new Titan classes for players to pilot in-game. But the biggest takeaway was that Titanfall 2 would also include a full single player campaign following Jack Cooper, a militia pilot caught behind enemy lines.

The introduction of a story to Titanfall 2 is something that fans have been asking for since the original games release, namely because they’ve wanted a look into the world Respawn Entertainment has created for both games. Originally the game was supposed to focus on the feel of conflict in space, with the mega-corporation known as the IMC invading the independent colonies of the Frontier in order to secure their natural resources. In order to repel the invasion, different groups of brigades came together to form the Frontier Militia who have been fighting the IMC ever since. This conflict was set to be the heart of the franchise; but it was poorly represented in-game due to the heavy focus on multiplayer and limited resources.

Honestly, it’s exciting to see that Respawn Entertainment is taking players into the universe they worked to create in a more direct way this time around, exploring the bond between man and machine in desperate times. Hopefully Titanfall 2 will also shed some light on the different organizations directly connected to the main conflict as well, such as the Marauder Corps – who are the military might behind the Frontier Militia.

Titanfall 2 is looking to change things for the better, and that’s more than enough to get excited about. Don’t get us wrong, punching our friends in giant machines is quite fun…but it doesn’t quite have the same impact as exploring a fresh, detailed science fiction universe.

Don’t let us down, Respawn.

Titanfall 2 releases on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on October 28.