Bethesda Might Bring 'Prey 2' Back At E3 2016, As A Post 'Fallout' And 'DOOM' Reveal

The franchise reboot nobody saw coming. 


The infamous E3 conferences are right around the corner, and with them comes another presentation from Bethesda, the gaming behemoth behind some of the video game industry’s most popular franchises. Fallout 4 was the headliner last year, so Bethesda is going to have a difficult time topping its own reveal in 2016, despite the in-depth look at Dishonored 2 we all know is coming. But what else could they be cooking up?

Honestly, it’s pretty easy to look at what Bethesda is developing this year based on the titles they’ve released so far. Odds are we’ll get a look at the next wave of Fallout 4 DLC from Todd Howard, now that Far Harbor, the last piece of known DLC, has been released to the public. It’s also safe to say we’ll see another expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online, despite the popularity of the game dying down, alongside a more in-depth look and possible beta for their collectible card game Elder Scrolls: Legends, which appeared at PAX East but has been kept under the radar for some strange reason. DOOM will probably make an appearance with its first chunk of DLC too, but even with Dishonored 2’s probable gameplay reveal – Bethesda’s lacking a huge hit to keep fans excited.

It’s no secret that Bethesda has killed it when it comes to bringing back old franchises, now that DOOM and Wolfenstein are huge successes. So while everyone is probably sitting praying that we might see a trailer for the next Elder Scrolls game, it’s more likely well see another one of Bethesda’s projects focus on something from the past: Prey 2.

Originally announced back in 2012, Prey 2 was being developed by Human Head Studios until the project was confirmed as cancelled in 2014. Set during the same time as the original Prey, Prey 2 was focused on U.S. Marshal Killian Samuels who is abducted by aliens and loses his memory. After jumping forward several years the game follows Samuels during his bounty hunter career on the alien world Exodus as he fights to recover his memory.

As a whole the game had a very loose premise, one which goes along with Pete Hines admitting that Bethesda’s vision for the game never came to fruition leading to its cancellation. But that doesn’t mean that vision was scrapped entirely, especially with the popularity surrounding the franchise. So it’s entirely possible that Prey 2 went back to the drawing board.

Rumor has it that development on Prey 2 bounced around among a few of Bethesda’s studios, including Arkane Austin and Obsidian Entertainment, although nothing was confirmed. However, based on the way E3 is shaping up and on the releases we know about, Machine Games is due for their next massive project following Wolfenstein and the games expansion in 2015 – which could very well be a re-envisioned version of Prey 2, one focused on becoming its own franchise.

Naturally, it could just be the expected announcement of the next Wolfenstein game too, but I think Bethesda knows how to play their cards right and Prey 2 is the only fresh trump card theyve got.