New 'Game of Thrones' Photos Show Battles, A Stark Meeting, And The Return of Bronn 

First Benjen was back. Now Bronn is back in episode 7. Next, The Hound will be back. Did we mention Bronn is back? 


The next Game of Thrones episode will be called “The Broken Man,” and judging by upcoming guest star Ian McShane’s not so subtle comments, we can probably expect The Hound to join Benjen Stark as another long-missing characters who returns. (Cleganebowl truthers, get hype!). But Episode 7 will also bring back Bronn (at last!) and Catelyn Stark’s sassy uncle, The Blackfish, whom we haven’t seen since Season 3. The hilariously vague episode synopsis is as follows:

The High Sparrow eyes another target. Jaime confronts a hero. Arya makes a plan. The North is reminded.

The photos reveal a lot. The Hound is unfortunately not in them — most likely to preserve the surprise, but did we mention that Bronn is back? And Sansa and Jon look like they’re officially assembling as the Stark Avengers. Here are all the photos from “The Broken Man.”

A Girl Contemplates Braavos

Arya’s storyline kicked into high gear in “Blood of My Blood,” as she left The Faceless Men for good. As we determine how The Faceless Men might fit into the rest of the story now, it looks like Arya, too, is pondering her future in Braavos. Might we suggest A Girl join that traveling theater group?


Bronn. Is. Fookin. Back.

I’m not sure if you saw that we mentioned this, but Bronn is back. It’s not a big deal or anything, just the coolest character in Westeros who has been egregiously absent for six whole episodes. And sure, Bronn and Jaime’s Excellent Adventure to Dorne last season was not so excellent, but the two of them remain the most golden buddy-cop pair since Arya and The Hound. The band is getting back together, and thank the seven for that.

The Blackfish is back

You might not remember how great The Blackfish is, since he hasn’t been seen since he stepped out for the world’s most fortunate piss break right before The Red Wedding in Season 3, but Catelyn Stark’s uncle mixes The Hound’s gruffness with Ned Stark’s brusque decency and some of Jaime’s snark. He’s fun, and he’s back onscreen at last.

Margaery and Lady Oleanna Share a Moment

“Blood of My Blood” made it unclear if Margaery was legitimate in her conversion to being a High-Sparrow Bro or if she was playing the Game of Thrones and faking it to stay on top. But this photo of her sharing a moment with Grandma Sass seems to affirm that they remain on the same side and Margaery is, as usual, slyly smirking her way to power.

Cersei and The Queen of Thorns Have Words

This looks like a big episode for Lady Oleanna, as she’s in another picture with Cersei. It looks like the two are having a power standoff, as Lady Oleanna’s sitting position indicates that she’s showing no fear and confident enough to sit, while Cersei has The Mountain hovering behind her, ready to smash heads. Perhaps they’ll discuss Cersei’s trial by combat — if Cleganebowl doesn’t happen (I know, the horror) it’s possible Loras Tyrell will stand in as the champion for The Faith to fight The Mountain.

The Stark Avengers Assemble

Although “The North Remembers” is quite possibly the vaguest part of an already vague episode description, Sansa and Jon mean business in their matching Stark Avengers cloaks. The North is assembling and Ramsay Bolton better watch out.

“The Broken Man” airs on Sunday June 5th on HBO.

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