A new feature for the Tesla Model X included in the latest over-the-air update is pretty slick — all the doors close with the touch of a button — as seen in a customer video posted to Twitter.

Tesla’s downloadable updates have been pushing its models forward since their introduction in September 2012. This means the cars keep evolving after they come off the assembly line, with new features that owners can download from the comfort of their garage.

There’s been not an insignificant amount of controversy around Tesla’s over-the-air (OTA for short) updates because some have resulted in unreliable features, most notably its Autopilot and its Summon feature, in which the cars drives itself to your location. The problem with Summon became public when a Model S owner in Utah claimed it caused his car to crash into a trailer on its own. Tesla blamed the man, but then pushed out an over-the-air update that would have prevented the crash.

Tesla has learned from the problems with its Model X, though: The company addressed the “hubris” surrounding its production that caused delays (simply put, it thought it could implement new tech on a large scale). As such the people in charge of production and manufacturing were fired in early May, and Musk promised during a quarterly conference call that the Model 3 will not face the same number of setbacks, partly because of his dedication — he keeps a sleeping bag at his desk.

Meanwhile, the Model X keeps getting flashy updates that might also help improve the car’s safety.

Now that the doors all close with the push of a button, there’s the matter of getting them all to open with another single push. We asked Zimmermann, who writes: “No, you have to open each door individually at present. Next firmware update, maybe? ;)”