'The Star Wars Show' Confirms New AT-ACT, Death Troopers, Shoretroopers

And for anyone wondering, those are the verified, proper ways to write the new ranks. Star Wars! 

When The Star Wars Show first aired three weeks ago, it presented itself as a fun recap show from Lucasfilm that covered important events under the Star Wars umbrella. Despite the charismatic hosts and interesting toy finds from around the world, some fans felt the show fell a little short of their expectations. But now, the show is beginning to beef up its backbone with scattered reveals and messages from the set.

This week’s episode revealed the official poster for this summer’s Star Wars Celebration, featuring cast members from The Force Awakens and Rogue One in an epic poster that nods to the artwork of Drew Struzan. But the episode’s highlights, for fans of the die-hard persuasion, had to be the confirmations of the names and existence of new Imperial-based lore.

Star Wars on YouTube

First up, the new (but not actually new, in-world) AT-ACT is on display in the new poster; the name confirms a rumor that was floating around last week, with one small change in its actual meaning. The new AT-AT style military walker is known as the All Terrain Armored Cargo Transport, which likely means that instead of ferrying troopers around, these big guys used their wider interiors to move cargo over planet surfaces for the Empire.

First Order Walkers 

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Blu-Ray

Along with its similarities to the standard AT-AT, its bulkier “body” recalls the newer, unidentified walkers seen in the wide shot during General Hux’s speech in The Force Awakens.

Death Troopers

Star Wars on YouTube

Next up, the Death Troopers (who were previously revealed to fans ahead of the show) were officially named and included in the poster, though little more information was revealed about what they actually do.


Star Wars on YouTube

Rounding out the major news is the naming of the Shoretrooper, likely armored and ready to take on beachside or sand-based battles, if the palm trees behind this soldier indicate anything. For anyone who hates sand, these are the troopers to send out in your place.

While the team behind both films are likely saving their biggest reveals for this summer’s Celebration in London (as well as San Diego Comic Con), it’s nice to see droplets of information along the way to the movie theater. Check out the full episode below, which includes a pretty cute interview with “Chewbacca Mom” Candace Payne and a cameo from Rian Johnson:

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