'Into The Forest' A24 Trailer Tosses Two Sisters Into Dark, Apocalyptic California

Evan Rachel Wood and Ellen Page star in Patricia Rozema's adaptation of a Jean Hegland novel

The blue light of a touch screen illuminates a drab-looking interior space. A female character looks distraught. Someone’s running around in the forest. Lights twinkle, the frame lingers on a body of water. Exterior shot, two characters embrace. The trailer ends, having established its film’s mood, cinematography and specific color palette. It’s an A24 film, and it endeavors to affirm your humanity.

This particular trailer, for Patricia Rozema’s Into The Forest, recalls Edan Lepucki’s California, though it’s an adaptation of Jean Hegland’s similar survival story. The visuals are lush, and stars Evan Rachel Wood and Ellen Page appear to have forged an enigmatic chemistry among the film’s dew-coated ferns and iPads. Nell (Page) and her sister Eva (Wood) navigate an imagined future, when the nation’s power has been cut, and average citizens return to living off the land while combating rumors of a societal and economic collapse.

The film is scored by British musician Max Richter, known for his haunting combination of classical music and chilled-out synth. Rozema told The Mary Sue that her protagonists are notable because they’re unprepared for the apocalypse. “These two girls,” she said, “are beautiful, fabulous people, but they aren’t really good at the end of the world.” Reviews of the film range from praising its intimate look at a dire situation, to wishing Rozema had made a bolder, more shocking film about female survival.

Into The Forest will be available to stream on DirectTV June 23, and will open in theaters July 29.

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