All 135 Stupid Mistakes in "The Force Awakens"

Was this film even good? Sorta. 


Star Wars: The Force Awakens wasn’t a perfect film. But it was good, right? Maybe after the God-awful mess of the prequel films, we were so happy to have a movie that at least looked and felt like Star Wars that we were fine with something cookie-cutter and cliche. But despite that, a lot of fans (and critics) walked away from the film thinking “yeah, that was pretty good.” Well, after watching this video, who the hell knows anymore.

CinemaSins has perfected the art of ripping up blockbuster movies, so it was only a matter of time before he took on J.J. Abrams’s mostly triumphant attempt at making a “good” Star Wars movie. Sure, anyone can pick over a movie and find the flaws, but it takes a real fan to turn off the nostalgia goggles and weed through the mess of plot and pacing that was Episode VII.

Is it nit-picky? Sure — a massive sci-fi epic is never going to flow perfectly after it emerges from the edit room. But there are also some great points like: why the hell didn’t Kylo Ren just go find the map to Luke instead of letting hapless stormtroopers shoot everything in sight and accomplish nothing? Why didn’t he just kill Poe Damaron after figuring out the map was on a droid? And perhaps most importantly, why did Abrams hire half the cast of the batshit-awesome action film The Raid 2 just to have them eaten by a Rathtar in two minutes? These are all fair questions, some of which we’ve already raised, and CinemaSins has a lot more. It’s not easy to watch at times, but it’s necessary — as the old writing proverb goes “kill your darlings and hope that Episode VIII is better.”

Check the video out below:

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