'Alien Day' Exclusive Collectibles, Ranked

Here's what to scoop up in between watching 'Alien' and 'Aliens' on 4/26.


In space, no one can hear you scream for merchandise. Unless you pay cash or credit. Alien Day is here, and besides dusting off your old Blu-rays — or buying tickets to see the first two films in limited theatrical engagements — you can celebrate with some exclusive items.

Sure, the whole thing is a blatant cash grab and a fake holiday born out of pure commercialization that will likely culminate with the announcement of some news about director Ridley Scott’s upcoming Alien: Covenant. But that doesn’t mean we can’t get excited about some of the ridiculously cool stuff to buy.

To celebrate 4/26 the right way, here are the Alien collectibles from a wide variety of sources.

10. Alien: Out of the Shadows

This 'Alien' book had the title before the dumb 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' sequel did. 


You’ve got to hand it to the folks at Fox for really nailing what all the kids are into these days. Hey, podcasts are popular, so why not an audio drama? Leading off our list is an Audible adaptation of author Tim Lebbon’s 2014 novel Alien: Out of the Shadows, featuring the voices of Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner), Matthew Lewis (the Harry Potter series) and Corey Johnson (The Bourne Ultimatum) and a whole bunch of creepy sound effects.

9. Loot Crate’s Mystery Box

Geek-friendly mystery collectibles brand Loot Crate is throwing a bunch of stuff together in honor of Alien Day. Unfortunately, we don’t know what’s actually in the box — though it being a mystery makes us want these goodies even more. Plus, the items are listed at a $90 value, and the box will only set you back $55. Here are the vague, yet tantalizing details:

  • “T-Shirt that would make Hudson proud
  • Spectacular art ready to burst off your walls
  • Collectibles you’ll never want to let go of
  • Chilling comics wrapped in a special hardcover
  • Fearsome figure that really stands out”

8. Fright Rags Esclusive T-Shirt

Limited edition clothing line Fright Rags is a hit with horror nerds. Want a Halloween II shirt? Go to Fright Rags. Love The Amityville Horror and want your wardrobe to reflect that? Allow me to point you to Fright Rags It makes sense then that the company would want to get into the Alien* Day festivities as well. And so Fright Rags is putting out a spooky design featuring artwork by artist Dan Mumford that’s limited to 4/26 shirts. They go on sale at 10 a.m. EST, so get them before the Nostromo self-destructs.

7. Super 7’s Alien Toy Packs

It's Kane and Lambert and Dallas...they're all here!


San Francisco-based toy and apparel company Super 7 is also going Alien crazy by releasing some limited edition toy packs. We like the “Alien vinyl carrying case” that holds up to 24 actions figures, with a 3.75” glow in the dark Alien figure packaged inside. The killer “6” Alien Queen Molten Silver Gray vinyl figure” they’re putting out is also pretty sweet. But nothing screams Alien Day like the “Alien Nostromo 3-Pack with Kane, Lambert and Dallas in Nostromo Space Suits” featuring Japanese box art. You can tell your friends you went to Japan and get the best out of Alien Day all at the same time.

6. The Weyland-Yutani Report by Insight Editions

Gross, but great.


A bunch of different book tie-ins are also being offered up as an Alien Day tie-in: DC and Dark Horse comics are re-releasing their Batman vs Alien series, along with a gorgeous hardcover edition of Brian Wood and Tristan Jones’s Aliens series from 1986. Titan Books is also launching a new novel called Alien: Invasion. But the single best literature-related xenomorph celebration is The Weyland-Yutani Report by Insight Editions, a book that purports to be the inside files of that evil corporation hoping to militarize the aliens. Regula Alien Day fans can spring for the $45 edition, but super-fans can go nuts with the $325 limited edition version with 3D xenomorph cover art.

*5. Funko’s Aliens Queen & Power Loader and Ripley Figure Set

Toys, toys, and more toys. But with Aliens, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Funko are usually the purveyors of throwback figures, and they certainly don’t disappoint for Alien Day. Their alien queen and power loader set, which was unveiled at the New York Toy Fair earlier this year, will make you feel like you’re back in 1986.

4. NECA’s Ripley Figure

Ripley is a badass.


Did we mention toys? While Funko and Super 7 appeal to the kid in us all, NECA makes detailed and pricey versions of some of the most iconic characters in movie history. NECA’s 7” Ripley figure also has a throwback vibe to it, as it’s supposed to be a hat-tip to the 1986 toys Kenner released with James Cameron’s sequel. Well leave it up to you to take this one out of the box — or keep it sealed for maximum collectibility.

3. Mondo’s Facehugger Knit Ski Mask

Scare everyone but yourself with this 'Alien' ski mask.


Mondo is simply the best when it comes to fan-centric tie-in ideas, mostly because they’re huge fans themselves. Case in point: the facehugger knit ski mask designed in collaboration with design collective Middle of Beyond. It captures the spirit of the outrageous nascent form of the xenomorph from the movies and lets you wear it around without the horror of having the little buggers symbiotically impregnate your stomach and burst out of your chest. Though you may horrify everyone on your commute, a small price to pay.

2. Reebok’s High-Top Stompers

Seriously, how far up your legs do these things go?


Up until now, anyone who dressed as Ripley for Halloween had to throw on any old high-tops to make it seem like they were kicking xenomorph ass. But those lonely people will be able to do it with exact replicas of the Reeboks that actress Sigourney Weaver wore in the film. There’s no price listed, but they’ll be available on Reebok.com and select Reebok stores worldwide on Alien Day, but just like the similar Back to the Future Nikes released after Back to the Future Day last year, they’ll be super expensive and sure to go quickly.

1. Aliens Vinyl Soundtrack

Also gross, but also great.


The best Alien Day collectible has technically been released already. Mondo put out a limited (though still semi-widely available) version of composer James Horner’s score to Aliens on vinyl, and you can find it going for a pretty penny on eBay. For this special commercial occasion, however, Mondo has decided to release an extremely rare variant of the score. Only 75 copies of the record, pressed on clear vinyl with green “xenomorph blood”-colored liquid inside, will be released. It’s a kickass connection to the extraterrestrial’s acid blood, and also the must-have Alien Day collectible. All of Mondo’s stuff goes on-sale at 12pm EST, so get your computers ready.

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