What Is 'Alien Day' And Why Isn't It Every Day?

4/26 is going to be a great day to pull your motion trackers out.

This morning we’ve been buried under Alien Day news, and while it appears to be a made-up marketing holiday, consider us sold, man. If Star Wars gets a day, and the mathematical concept of Pi gets a day, then we can set aside an annual reminder of the most courageous female protagonist of all time. Am I right ladi— oh, everyone else is dead. Well, that’s Alien Day for you.

To celebrate the date (4/26, corresponding to LV-426 from the film Aliens) certain Alamo theatre locations will show a double feature of the first two films, and Amazon’s Audible will release an audio drama, Alien: Out of the Shadows, starring Rutger Hauer, which is great, because we all know how much young people love audio dramas.

Assumedly, Alien Day will involve an announcement about the new Alien film, mostly likely in the form of a teaser trailer.

Among other activities planned is an online trivia challenge in which movie fans can win prizes every 42.6 minutes on Twitter. Yeah, they’re really committing to the math on this one.

The big, exciting, freak-out news is Reebok’s release of exact replica high-top Stompers, as worn by Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver). Also being released is the mid-top version worn by Lance Henrikson as the android Bishop. The movie sneakers will be available beginning on, you guessed it, April 26.

Via Fox.

The movie’s famous sneakers were designed by Reebok for the film production, and they rank slightly beneath the self-lacing Nike Air Mag from Back To The Future among cinema’s most popular kicks.

From the press release we received, there are plenty of hints at other partnered releases, including some Funko figures and new comic book properties through Dark Horse. If they could stop “fixing” their original comic book tie-in to Aliens, that would be cause for celebration.

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