Watch: Extremely Southern Guy Narrates Falcon 9 Rocket's Trip Back to SpaceX's Launchpad

"There it is, he's gon reuse that thang!"

YouTube/ Netlawyerdc

On April 8, Elon Musk and SpaceX managed to successfully land a Falcon 9 Rocket on an autonomous drone ship in the Atlantic ocean. On April 19, an extremely stoked, extremely Southern spaceflight fan visiting the Kennedy Space Center caught the first stage of the CRS-8 rocket on the back of a massive truck on the way back to a launch pad for post flight testing. Courtney Bailey, a lawyer for NASA, grabbed the video, but the real star here is the extremely excited narrator audible throughout the whole clip (although hats off to Bailey’s steady camerawork and pan to show the burners at the end).

“Look at that, look at thaaaaayt,” there it is,” the narrator explains, his voice full of the childlike glee we imagine you must feel when a gigantic spacecraft passes by on a highway in Florida. “He’s gonna reuse that thing! Space-Ex, how good is thaaayt.”

The Falcon 9 was on its way to Pad 39 at the Kennedy Space center, where Bailey said they plan to test-fire the burners again and check the whole thing out to see if it can be re-used. If so, it’ll be a huge step for the future of reusable rockets, which can’t always depend on being able to touch down on dry land. The narrator notices the large burn on the side of the rocket from its takeoff burn, but hopefully most of that damage is just cosmetic.

In the meantime, we’re just thankful for this video and the unknown space fan’s glorious enthusiasm and accent.

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