'Destiny' Update 2.2.0 Trailer Still Isn't Enticing Enough to Skip Work

'Destiny' is getting a massive update tomorrow. But is it enough?


Have you stopped playing Destiny? Quite a few Guardians have called it quits or taken an extended leave, but Bungie is trying to woo its fandom back with a massive update, Update 2.2.0, coming tomorrow, on April 12.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Light Level is bumped up to 335, and according to principal producer Matt Priestly (in the trailer below), said that “all roads lead” to level 335.
  • New strikes include Winter’s Run and Blighted Chalice, and an update to the Prison of Elders with the bumped up Light Level.
  • Chroma Armor! Want your Guardians to look like Tron cosplayers at an EDM rave? Chroma armor adds neon lights to the armor. Does it do anything? Not really, it’s just supposed to look cool, and it might help you see teammates in the dark while fighting the Taken. Oh, and speaking of the Taken…
  • There’s new Taken armor Guardians can wear, along with some new emotes. I don’t get this one. This is just going to make shit confusing in the middle of fights.
  • Exotic and Legendary weapons from Year 1 are back but incorporating updates the game has seen since. Shotguns like Lord of Wolves, Two to the Morgue, Universal Remote, snipers like Patience and Time, and the Queenbreaker’s Bow fusion rifle and more are once again usable in Destiny 2.2.0.

It’s been awhile since even I’ve played Destiny, and 2.2.0 isn’t that compelling. But I’m sure a few Guardians who have still stuck around are happy about the new toys, and maybe one day Destiny will become the go-to shooter like it was last year. Until then, everyone will be on Tom Clancy’s: The Division.