PlayStation VR Gets a Price, Release Date, and an Immersive Cinematic Mode

$399 gets you a goggles-only cinematic experience for every game and movie.

Sony Computer Entertainment

PlayStation’s first foray into the hyper-competitive VR market should hit stores in October, retailing for $399 in the States. The $399 price point undercuts competitors, the $599 Oculus Rift and $799 HTC Vive, but the PlayStation Box is a little light — no camera or controllers included.

As Engadget pointed out, the PS VR comes with the headset, a pair of stereo headphones, the add-on processor box, and all the requisite HDMI/ USB/ and AC power cables, but not Sony’s $60 Playstation Camera (which is integral to the device) or its $50-each Move controllers (needed for some games). Most PS4 owners probably have those peripherals already, but for prospective VR gamers who are looking to save a penny on a system, there might be hidden costs, most likely as part of a package with a higher price range.

But if you’re already set up with a PS4, camera, and Move controllers, it’s just $399 and you’re good to start exploring — Sony has promised at least 50 games before the year ends, including Assassin’s Creed tie ins, EVE: Valkyrie, Rigs: Mechanized Combat League, Star Wars: Battlefront and more.

And even if the opening slate of games isn’t a smash-hit, the PS VR device will offer a new dimension to existing games — it’s compatible with all PS4 games and movies in its “Cinematic Mode,” which essentially turns the VR screen in the goggles into your primary gaming/watching screen. While non-VR games and movies won’t play differently, it’s certainly a more immersive way of experiencing them than sitting on a couch trying to peer around roommates wandering in your line of sight — now you can ignore them with three of your five senses. A warning — no matter how cool that is, you’re still going to look pretty dumb.

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