PlayStation Virtual Reality Will Be Here This Fall, Says GameStop CEO

The Oculus Rift's era of running unopposed has to end eventually. 


The high-tech face wear market is 2016’s hottest story in gaming so far, and today was no different, as GameStop CEO Paul Raines announced, or let slip, that the anticipated Sony PlayStation’s virtual reality platform would be on his shelves this fall during an interview with Fox Business.

Raines said he was also “in talks” with HTC to release their new HTC Vive platform, which goes on pre-sale on February 29th.

The Oculus has a jump on their competition, but if the Sony headset gets out at the time Raines expects, the Japanese digital giant will have plenty of room to hit the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday seasons, even if their launch is pushed back. However, a Sony representative told Game Informer that “GameStop was speculating, and we have not released any further details on launch timing.” Sony’s earlier target was to get their VR device on shelves during the first half of the year.

Sony has recently doubled-down on their U.S. operations, focusing their video game branches on the massive U.S. markets. After Oculus grabbed Rock Band as an “Only on Oculus” title, the war for VR intellectual property was officially on. Apple and Google both have VR headsets and platforms in the works, so expect to see more and more announcements of the kind as the Year of VR continues.

Watch Raines’ full interview with Fox Business here:

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