Apple Promises to 'Loop You In' on This Invitation to Its March 21 Event

And the event happens to be the day before the company faces the judge.

Apple is having its spring 2016 event on March 21, and it could be the most tense Apple event ever — and not because of the potential products that are being announced. The event will happen a day before the judge in the FBI vs. Apple San Bernardino case will convene the Court.

Despite how the atmosphere may be at the event, Apple is still expected to introduce some new products. The invitations sent out today from Apple carry the message: “Let us loop you in,” and there’s quite a few assumptions of what Apple means. Some have guessed it may be comeback for the iPod Touch loop strap, a new iteration of the Apple Watch, and the Infinite Loop, the oval street that encircles the six buildings of Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino.

"Let us loop you in," reads the message on an invitation Apple sent out today about its March 21 keynote.

But there are three potential products that are likely to make an appearance on-stage:

  1. A 4-inch iPhone that’s said to be the most affordable entry-level model
  2. The next generation of the iPad Air 2
  3. A new Apple Watch, even though the first one debuted around this time last year

The event was originally scheduled forn, March 15, but clear whether the event was moved or if Apple had always intended for the event to happen on the 21st.

The event will be hosted at Apple’s Cupertino headquarters at 10 a.m. Pacific.

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