Final 'Civil War' Trailer Reveals Spider-Man

Spidey has a teenage boy's voice, steals Cap's shield, and is working for Iron Man. 

Marvel Entertainment dropped its final trailer for Civil War this morning. The action is largely limited to a recap of what we’ve seen in previous trailers; Iron Man cradles Rhodey’s body in a field, Bucky tries to shoot Tony in the face and surprises him, and Cap is fed up with the government. We also get a shot of Tony’s dope weaponized watch, which turns into an Iron Man fist. Bucky shoots Rhodey out of the sky, and we later see a shot of Tony with a black eye and his arm in a sling.

All of those details, however, are immediately out-ranked as the trailer ends. In its final moments, Iron Man tells Team Cap that he’s getting bored with quarreling. He unveils Team Iron Man’s secret weapon by calling Spidey into action. Spider-Man webs Cap’s shield away from him, ties Cap’s hands together, and lands a flip before saying, “Hey everyone.”

It appears Spidey’s costume has received some technical updates in this universe, probably from Stark himself. As he stares down Team Cap, the eyes on his suit dilate, and the change is accompanied with a high-pitched whirring sound. This week yielded Spider-Man casting developments, so it looks like Marvel is picking up steam on its reinvention of its friendly neighborhood teen.