Oscar-Nominated Actor Gary Busey Joins the Cast of Syfy's *Sharknado 4*

It's a match so perfect we can't believe we didn't see it coming.

Getty Images/ Jason Kempin

Gary Busey, Oscar-nominated actor and star of every eighties and nineties cult classic you can think of, has joined the cast of Syfy’s inexplicable, inevitable, probably unstoppable Sharknado 4.

The meteorological, shark-filled, reality-defying phenomenon that is the Sharknado series can’t be stopped. It’s been called (by this publication!), “repetitious, accessible schlock” and “implausible, violent, and incoherent.” But a little bit like Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, Sharknado can’t be stopped, and we might just deserve it. Gary Busey is just here to ride the shark-infested wave, man.

Gary Busey, seen here surfing on his desk, has always had an intimate connection with the sea.


Busey joins David Hasselhoff, Tara Reid, Cheryl Tiegs, and Ian Ziering as part of the core cast. He’ll play Tara Reid’s father, of course, because Gary Busey as a movie father-figure is never going to be a bad choice.

Busey also made a compelling case for consideration in the role of "Shark 15."


Sharknado 4 does not have an official title, but we can imagine that whatever it is, it won’t add much to Syfy’s burgeoning rebranding efforts. Not that we’re complaining, if it gives us more realistic scenes of common public transit struggles, like this:

To be honest, I've had worse commutes in New York.

Giphy/ Syfy

At this rate, Sharknado films are becoming a yearly occurrence, which isn’t the worst annual tradition in show business (subtle institutional racism during awards season probably takes that cake). The new film, which will probably get an awesome title like Sharknado 4: The Sharkocalypse or Sharknado 4: Maria Sharkapova or even Sharknado 4: The Unbearable Sharkness of Being, is due to be released in July.

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