Netflix Wants to Pay "Grammasters" to Take Instagram Photos All Over the World

It's an all expenses paid social media experience.

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Do you waste away your days taking endless numbers of selfies or constant photos of your uneaten brunch plates to plaster all over your Instagram page? Do you also spend countless hours binge-watching the latest TV shows and movies on Netflix? Would you like the two of those things to be smashed together with the added bonus of a couple thousand dollars a week? Well you’re in luck.

Netflix is looking for a select few “Grammasters” who will spend a few weeks buzzing around Europe and the Middle East snapping photos on the sets of Netflix shows for the streaming giant’s Instagram page. They’ll cover travel expenses and even give you $4,000 for your millennial services.

Instead of making free content for one service, you can double dip and get paid to make content for another one instead. The only catch is you have to “agree to the use of his/her name, voice, biographical information, image and/or likeness for advertising, publicity and other purposes, in all media.” No word on whether you have to give over your firstborn as well.

Netflix did the same thing a few years ago, selecting candidates to hang out around the U.S. on the set of House of Cards and recreate the locations of some of the streaming service’s most-watched shows and movies like Breaking Bad and Django Unchained. This time the so-called “Grammasters” are going global.

To win a lucky two-week job and see the world through the screen on your iPhone on Netflix’s dime, all you have to do is follow the Netflix Instagram account and tag three of your best photos “that show off your interests or passions” with the hashtag “#grammasters3” before March 6.

You’ll go from watching Fuller House one day to bugging people while taking Instagram photos on the set of some Marvel TV show or Degrassi the next. You could finally prove to your parents that all that time spent taking photos with dumb filters on them were worth it.

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