'Spaceballs 2' Posters Spotted in Manhattan Subways

The Schwartz awakens.


There has been an awakening. In the Schwartz.

Questionably legitimate posters for Mel Brooks’ Spaceballs: The Search for More Money have been spotted hanging on the walls of a lower Manhattan subway station, posted on the informal company blog of The Mines Press. What is it with New York City subways and viral marketing?

The teaser posters, which look great regardless of authenticity, are for what may be the long-awaited sequel to Mel Brooks’ cult classic Spaceballs, his 1987 lampoon of Star Wars, sci-fi, and ‘80s pop culture (Favorite line: “She’s a transformer!”). Obvious references to The Force Awakens are clear, from the tag lines to the burnt helmet of Rick Moranis’ Dark Helmet … helmet.

Mel Brooks has been trying to get a Spaceballs sequel off the ground for years, with even the same tagline The Search for More Money, inspired by a killer line spoken in the original.

The Mines Press

Brooks was a guest on Adam Carolla’s Take a Knee podcast about a year ago confirming a Spaceballs sequel, but nothing had been heard since. With The Force Awakens a cultural phenomenon, now is the right time for Spaceballs 2 — although it would have been great at any time in the last 29 years. Also we’ve willingly chose to forget Spaceballs: The Animated Series.