Zack Snyder's 'Justice League' Tweet Shows Flash and Aquaman Costumes

It looks like Zack Snyder is taking design inspiration from the New 52.

Moviepilot, Warner Bros.

Director Zack Snyder isn’t one to toy with secrecy for his movies, at least compared to J.J. Abrams whose supervillain name should be “Mystery Box.” But Snyder can just be as annoying with his teases, like the time he let a friend post a photo of him and his son with a vague caption hinting he’s Robin. (He’s not, but it was maddening for those few hours.)

With Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice arriving in theaters in just a few weeks, the news broke yesterday that the first of the two-part Justice League movies will commence shooting on April 11. Hours after the announcement, Zack Snyder — who is staying aboard the DC Comics movie train as director for The Justice League — hung around the studio’s warehouse and posted a picture on Twitter with Jason Momoa, the Game of Thrones alum set to play Aquaman (and who will totally rock at it).

Though it’s a simple iPhone photo, it was so perfectly framed to include just enough teases to get DC Comics fans salivating.

Anything looking like Batman’s costume isn’t much of a surprise at this point, although the all-black body suit is armor plated, similar to Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight costume, instead of the softer material worn by Ben Affleck in Dawn of Justice. But right behind that is a bronze suit that bears resemblance to Aquaman, even though the first official preview showed something very different. Maybe Aquaman gets full armor when he joins the League?

Right behind that maybe-not-Aquaman suit is just barely a glimpse of what seems to be the Flash’s costume, which looks not dissimilar from the one worn by Grant Gustin on the CW’s The Flash. A closer look — to the point of straining your eyes — reveals it’s got some armor plating.

If only Snyder and Momoa weren’t so swole, we could maybe see what’s directly behind them. But between the three in the photo, it’s not far out to speculate Snyder’s Justice League is taking design inspirations from the New 52, the 2011 comics reboot that massively overhauled the DC Universe. In the New 52, the Justice League’s costumes became more armor-like as opposed to traditional spandex.

The New 52.

DC Comics

Elsewhere in Snyder’s picture are miscellaneous props and costume pieces. There’s an ancient Greek soldier helmet — which is probably a Wonder Woman thing — and a sleek armored boot that could be literally anybody’s.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice releases March 25 and The Justice League Part One releases November 17, 2017.