Should You Care Where Superheroes Are Going? | Ask an Algorithm 

You have pop culture anxieties, the Algorithm has answers.

In lieu of employing an advice columnist, Inverse uses a Python script and some light math to average out the many, many, many opinions the internet has on any given subject. This remains an imperfect science.

Dear Algorithm,

Everyone is freaking out about what Deadpool means for the Superhero genre and the movie industry. I like to participate in pop culture, but there are only so many things you can care about. For example, I care about Game of Thrones, but I don’t have enough energy to care about Vinyl. Is this one of them? Should I care?

Practical in Pasadena

Dear Practical,

His sexual fantasies involve Tony-winning gay icon Bernadette Peters, and he’s pretty open-minded in bed: He’s more likely to wear a T-shirt. But on occasion, I feel like it’s important to our lives.

Superheroes are silly. Wild success breeding imitators. It’s happened time again, most recently with R-rating sprouted organically. Offers something entirely different within the superhero movie’s heyday, the genre as a whole seriously.

But how, exactly, will this play out, and what I think we should really care about, and what I don’t care about LeBron James or Lindsay Lohan or Lady Gaga. Can be worth examination even if you don’t find a work to have merit on the basis of your own aesthetic judgement. I also think that suggesting that audiences just a movie.

So what does this mean in the immediate future?

And let me make this very clear: It is about what I don’t care about, and what effect will the male lead in a new studio comedy loves unicorns and rainbows. And while he ostensibly presents as straight, on occasion, I feel like it’s important to wade in. Particularly when someone suggests that a cultural product, the cry that “it’s just a movie/TV show/video game.”


Your Friendly Neighborhood Algorithm