Kapture, a Wearable for Your Inner Spy, Records Ambient Audio, All the Time

I test out the device that straps to your wrist where people used to wear these things called "watches."


I’ve been wearing a Kapture for a few hours now and I’m not entirely sure why. Here’s the gist: This wearable microphone captures the previous 60 seconds of sound whenever you double tap it. (Well, most of the time you double tap it. More on that in a minute.) It’s a pretty innovative idea. Who doesn’t want to serve their friend who just said Donald Trump has some good ideas or play back a recording of the beautiful girl whose name you’ve just forgotten? The problem is: Do I want to wear this watch-like contraption for days just to come up with a small a-ha moment? Probably not.

The technology that the Kapture team has worked out is definitely cutting-edge. The recorder is constantly going and only when you double tap does it save the previous minute. The problem is, the double taps often don’t register and, sometimes, it takes a circuitous route to upload the clips (termed “klips” by Kapture). Here, from Kapture’s website, is the fairly non-user-friendly procedure:

When you want to save a klip and send it to your phone, firmly tap the device twice. The device will vibrate two times, acknowledging it has received that many taps, and the LED will turn solid green. Once the klip is saved locally, the LED will turn solid yellow and the device will turn its Bluetooth back on and attempt to reconnect with your phone. If the connection fails, the device will vibrate three times. If the connection succeeds, the device will vibrate once. After that first vibration, the device will vibrate one time for every successful file transfer and three times for any failed file transfers. Once all files are transferred, the device vibrate two times then disconnect from your phone, turn its Bluetooth off to save power, and begin recording again. While recording, the LED will blink green every seven seconds.

The problem with Kapture might, in the end, be me. I don’t really like wearing watches. Also, my life isn’t all that interesting: Most of my klips are of me trying to tap the device while I listen to the new Porches album. For people who need to have the latest piece of tech — and a lil buddy to hang out next their Apple Watch — Kapture might be just the ticket. Good luck figuring out that double tap, though.

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