'The Flash' Shows Supergirl, Jonah Hex, Confirms 1990 Series as Continuity

Breakdown of all the foreshadowing from "Welcome to Earth-2."


During the awesome “Welcome to Earth-2,” The Flash pulled out a neat trick from Season 1 and showed glimpses of other worlds and timelines that may or may not be in store for The Flash. In Season 1, they were just Easter eggs — no one, not even the producers, could have guessed how wide and expansive The Flash and the larger Arrowverse could have swollen. Now, in Season 2, the glimpses offer a more sturdy purpose, confirming the existence of other worlds beyond Earth-1 and Earth-2 in DC’s multiverse — which includes Supergirl and the The Flash TV series from 1990. Different worlds, but all connected.

Aside from Supergirl, the glimpses does not mean The Flash will actually explore these worlds. It doesn’t even happen in comic books: A few years ago Mark Waid wrote the crossover series The Brave and the Bold Vol. 1: The Lords of Luck, and at the end he tossed Batman like a football through a portal of time and space. In the trade paperback commentary, Waid said he told artist George Pérez to go nuts and fill up Batman’s time-travel with whatever images of DC lore he wants. Pérez did just that, and drew dozens of obscure Golden and Silver Age characters long forgotten by modern DC Comics.

The same thing applies to The Flash. Whether or not these images allude to the future or simply pay homage is up to the producers. But until that day, here’s the rundown of everything we saw:

Supergirl: Yup, Melissa Benoist’s Kara made a brief appearance. Stock/trailer footage was included in Cisco and Barry’s journey into Earth-2. For a while, both The Flash and Supergirl Twitter accounts posted a GIF but they’ve been taken down.

Diggle as Green Arrow: Diggle, or Earth-2 Diggle, may be imprisoned by Zoom with Barry and Jesse Wells. But Diggle was definitely spotted in the dimensional travel, wearing Oliver’s older Arrow get-up.

The Flash, 1990: Henry Allen, Barry’s dad, is portrayed by John Wesley Shipp who played Barry in 1990’s The Flash CBS series. A clip of his show was seen in portal. It’s doubtful they’ll put Shipp in the costume again, so chalk this one up as nothing more than a cute callback or Easter egg.

Gorilla Grodd: Grodd was last seen at a habitat on Earth-2, but maybe it was a different Earth? Either way, Grodd will be back very soon.

Jonah Hex: Other viewers on Twitter must have better eyes than me because I couldn’t tell this was Johnathon Schaech as Jonah Hex, DC Comics’ outlaw bounty hunter who will be in an upcoming episode of Legends of Tomorrow.

Legion of Flight: A lone Legion Flight Ring was one of the last images before Barry, Cisco, and Wells landed on Earth-2. The ring allows its wearers the ability to fly in planetary atmospheres our outer space. Superman doesn’t need it, but he keeps one in his Fortress of Solitude as a reminder as a Legionnaire in the 30th century’s Legion of Super-Heroes.

One-Armed Oliver Queen (?): We knew this was coming in Legends of Tomorrow, but people on Twitter spotted a one-armed Oliver Queen also in the images. I’ve watched the whole scene, like, five times already and didn’t see him. If you can, I guess you don’t spend your days in nights in front of a computer like I do.

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