Guy Dressed as T. Rex Does Tricks With, Then "Eats" Horse in This Video 

This video of a man in a T. rex costume doing horse tricks to 'Jurassic Park' theme will improve your day. 

MG Horsemanship

It’s rare to watch a video that doesn’t include a cat knocking things over but still brings pure joy, but we found one. To the Redditor who posted this “Jurassic Paso Park!” video, we salute you. And to the person at Gascon Horsemanship who put on a Tyrannosaurus rex suit and rode a horse, you are a real American hero. You “get” it. And “it” is whatever that is that gives us good feels.

Created in the spirit of this video of a T. rex working out, there’s something about the added animal that raises the bar here.

Watching someone in a T. rex suit do tricks with a horse to the theme of Jurassic Park is inherently amusing. It’s at the point where the horse simply gallops along with a dinosaur holding an American flag that your pupils dilate, and it’s almost like being in love.

But the moment this video sets its talons fully into your beating heart is when the dinosaur dominates the beast and goes to town on it with its jaws — like the opposite of Equus (it’s impossible to write about horses without mentioning this at least once).

Gascon Horsemanship is an academy in Poplarville, Mississippi, run by a 26-year-old riding champion, Michael Gascon. The tagline is: “Gascon Horsemanship does it all!” This video is proof of that.