'Doctor Who' Has Disappeared From Netflix and People Are Flipping Out

The entirety of the Whoverse has been pulled from streaming services Netflix and Hulu.

In an apocalyptic twist for Whovians everywhere, particularly those that, say, run a Doctor Who podcast, it appears that all of the Doctor’s adventures have effectively been pulled from streaming services.

To be fair, a lot has been going on behind the scenes of the cherished property. Amazon was the first to experience Who-related exclusivity problems this past year. Also in 2015, Netflix extended contracts for Doctor Who and Luther, among many other BBC properties, bringing them to legions of American fans. Then, late last week, the BBC suddenly announced that it was pulling Who from all streaming services, including Netflix and Hulu.

This comes as a major hit to fans, particularly those who have gotten into the series via Netflix. Still, Hulu unquestionably suffered the biggest hit from this sudden embargo. The streaming service had become the center of all things Whovian by hosting not only the modern series, but also 50 years of classic episodes, the Torchwood spin-off, a series of specials, and documentaries. This even included the YA series The Sarah Jane Adventures!

Many predict that the BBC is probably about to announce their own paid streaming service, but whether or not it will be available in the United States and how much of the Who-catalog will be available is still up in the air.

This all comes on the heels of show-runner Steven Moffat announcing his departure. The entire series getting pushed back a year due to the Olympics, too, and the rumors that the current Doctor, Peter Capaldi, may be forced out. All in all, it has been a rough January for the Doctor, which does little to makeup for the abysmal Christmas special.

If we’ve ruined your day, take comfort in this Corgi dressed as all 13 Doctors.

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