Capcom Unveils 'Street Fighter V' Game Modes

All the different ways Capcom wants the world to punch and kick each other.


The United Nations Fight Club that is Street Fighter V is coming February 16 to the PlayStation 4 and PC. Announced on January 29 through Capcom UK’s YouTube channel, the fifth primary installment of Capcom’s banner fighting game series is offering a slew of different gameplay modes beyond the typical arcade and training.

Here’s the full rundown:

Character Story Mode: Each of the game’s 16 launch characters will have their own story arc that will play out in between every fight. The story actually takes place between Street Fighter III and 2008’s Street Fighter IV, in case you didn’t already know Street Fighter has anything resembling a story.

Survival Mode: Like a classic kung-fu movie, players will have to endure opponent after opponent and rack up enough points to purchase supplements before the next fight. Player scores will be ranked worldwide online.

Training Mode: No time limits and infinite health allows players to hone skills just like any old training mode in every fighting game. New to Street Fighter V is use of the PlayStation 4’s touch pad, allowing players to instantly set up and practice different positions and scenarios instead of pushing the other dummy character for an awkward fifteen seconds.

Tutorial Mode: Street Fighter competitions are huge worldwide, which can only inspire newcomers to try their luck at virtual fisticuffs. Street Fighter V’s Tutorial Mode will run players through the basics that will hopefully save aspiring eSports competitors from public embarrassment.

Network Battle: The game’s online mode has both ranked matches where players compete with their reputation and cred on the line, and pressure-free casual matches where they can beat each other silly for no loss or gain.

Capcom Fighters Network: Think Facebook but for Street Fighter, and no one is a friend but a sworn rival. The Network will allow players to see a global heat map to watch fights unraveling at that moment, and search for specific players with Rival Search. Through Rival Search, players can digitally stalk their opponent’s progress and watch replays to come up with new strategies.

Capcom promises Street Fighter V will come with more game modes post-launch for free. It will for sure keep players’ attentions until the inevitable Super Street Fighter V Turbo (Remix).

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