Deadpool Tries to Save Lives In New Breast Cancer PSA

"A film that could save your life ... with boobs.”


If you thought Deadpool’s cancer PSAs would stop with that of the testicular persuasion, then you’d be wrong. The Merc with a Mouth (played by Ryan Reynolds) is back once again, this time with a little advice for women out there to help them check for breast cancer.

“Okay ladies, listen up,” the Marvel anti-hero opines while reclining along a nondescript pool table in a new YouTube clip titled “Touch Yourself Tonight: Just for Her.” “If you catch your man with his hands down his pants blame me. I’ve been telling him to check his walnuts for lumps and bumps so he could give testicular cancer a kick in the balls.”

He then proceeds to drop some cancer knowledge on viewers that one-in-eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. Then a handy tutorial pops up to show women the steps they should take to prevent this life-threatening disease. Just remember ladies, you’re learning this from a comic book character.

Is it weird? Why yes, yes it is. While seemingly well-intentioned, a better title for the clip would be “Deadpool Mansplains How to Check for Breast Cancer.” But regardless of how peculiar this particular clip is, it’s par for the course with the randomness of the viral marketing of Reynolds’ upcoming movie.

Besides a bevy of regular trailers, we’ve had the chuckle-worthy Deadpool-as-rom-com posters meant to confuse would-be audiences out there. And there was also the testicular cancer tutorial from last month.

What are we going to get next in the Deadpool random marketing machine? And will people really take this seriously? “There you have it: A film that could save your life … with boobs,” Deadpool says, “There’s something for everyone.” Is there?

Find out when Deadpool thrusts itself into theaters on February 12.