Scott Kelly Invents Space Ping Pong Aboard ISS

He gives water pong a new meaning.


The one human who has spent more time in space than anyone is looking for any way to entertain himself other than star-gazing and snapping shots of winter storms.

As he passed day 300 of his year-long mission on Friday, Kelly was focussed on extracurriculars. After conducting the first Reddit AMA from the International Space Station (ISS) over the weekend, he picked up some hydrophobic paddles and invented space ping pong, using water as the ball.

The paddles has tiny laser-etched grooves and a Teflon-coating to repel the water ping pong ball, as Kelly puts it, “like a raincoat.” With the hydrophobic surface and Kelly’s patented gentle touch, the water presses up against the paddle and then shifts direction, instead of exploding into a million droplets like when we try hitting water back and forth on Earth.

Kelly has been keeping himself busy recently, unveiling humanity’s first space flower just a week ago and even making an appearance on the *Late Show.*

There’s no doubt he’s already thinking about his return home in about two months. We’re glad he’s enjoying himself while he’s still extraterrestrial.