NASA’s Scott Kelly Celebrates Day 300

He’s going to do a Reddit AMA from space on Saturday in celebration.

International Space Station Commander Scott Kelly, already the American record-holder for consecutive days living in space, has now stretched his total to 300 in a row.

Just as Kelly has followed the world from space, people on Earth have followed his ever-expanding record duration in space, as he has been sure to stay active on Twitter and Instagram throughout his mission.

However, come Saturday he’ll be taking his online interaction to Reddit for an AMA, scheduled for 4 p.m.

Captain Kelly celebrated Day 300 by playing an unearthly game of ping pong with a ball of water:

Kelly also took a minute to give some credit to Russian cosmonaut Misha Kornienko, who has logged 300 days in space on the ISS as well:

His farewell to Day 299 was also pretty spectacular:

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