Fans Loved 'Deadpool.'  Here's Why That Means Nothing.

'Deadpool' showed in NYC and LA last night, and the early returns are in.


Picture this: You’re starving. I give you a sandwich, and with me are your favorite celebrities. The sandwich is only okay, maybe not even good, but you saved $17.25 and you met pretty TV people. You’d be happy, right?

That’s what I suspect the lucky people who stumbled into an early screening of Deadpool, coming February 13. In New York and L.A., die-hard fans of Marvel’s psychopathic mercenary went in expecting an extended preview but instead got the whole movie, plus Ryan Reynolds in attendance in New York and co-star T.J. Miller, producer Simon Kinberg, writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld, and Marvel’s eternal godfather Stan Lee in L.A.

Y’all need to chill. Don’t forget, a bunch of people were into last year’s Fantastic Four when they saw an early screening.

I’ll admit it. I’m jealous. I’ve been excited for Deadpool since high school, when there were only rumors about Deadpool in an X-Men movie which ended up the Wolverine prequel. I got excited again when that CGI video leaked and resurrected the project. And no matter how grating I find the obsession with Deadpool working in conjunction with the groan-inducing idea of a snarky superhero in 2016, I’m still amped.

I’m probably going to love Deadpool. But I could also hate it. I’ll decide after I purchase an overpriced IMAX ticket.

Damn it, why wasn’t I there?