'Jessica Jones' Will Return to Kick More Butt on Netflix in Season Two

Netflix announced it will renew the popular Marvel series 'Jessica Jones' for a second season.


There’s something oddly addictive about Jessica Jones. At first, she comes across as only an angry, albeit a very pretty, face played by the intense Krysten Ritter. But as you get to know her a little more, the furious Marvel almost-superhero becomes ridiculously relatable. Suddenly, you’re part of Jessica’s dark and confusing world where there is a very fuzzy line between what constitutes good and bad in a person. You’re left wondering a little too much about what it means to be virtuous, in a good way. That confusing allure is why Netflix announced it will be picking up the program for a second season.

Though we have argued that season one was strong enough that there was no need for a second, there’s still reason to wait with bated breath to uncover what’s next for this unlikely savior.

The start date hasn’t been announced yet. The show is part of a four-series Marvel package that includes Daredevil and Luke Cage (Jones’ beefy love interest). Deadline Hollywood reports, “Netflix’s Ted Sarandos hinted that the release pattern for the second seasons of Daredevil and Jessica Jones would depend on miniseries The Defenders, which has a contractual premiere date.”

Executive producer/showrunner Melissa Rosenberg told Deadline this past November at the show’s release screening that the plan is to use the rest of the cast more in season two. “Poor Krysten Ritter, she was in every scene that we shot, we beat the crap out of her. She was a shell of a human being by the time we ended, and that is not sustainable.”

She continued, “She’s still going to be Jessica Jones — that is not going to change… but something has changed for her by the end of this season, and I’d just love to explore that in the second season.”

Rosenberg also told Variety that she’s pleased that the show has produced an abundance of political and feminist commentary. But beyond our talking heads or typing hands, the show stands on its own two very powerful feet. It’s bound to have us wondering about a variety of other existential matters through the tales of one very strong and flawed female.

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