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Newest 'GoRogue' Video Confirms ‘Rogue One’ Planet Eadu

In between all the viral marketing, Hasbro’s nifty, fan-made #GoRogue videos keep giving away major hints at the plot and world of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story — and the latest one totally confirmed our predictions about the mysterious planet of Eadu.

We previously went down the Star Wars rabbit hole based on the Jyn Erso photo Lucasfilm released to celebrate 100 days until the release of the movie and speculated that Eadu was possibly the unknown rocky and rainy planet seen in the Rogue One trailers. What made it so interesting was that there weren’t even any references to anything called “Eadu” besides the name being slapped on the packaging of Hasbro toys, and it looks to stay that way.

Early on in the newest chapter of the #GoRogue series, Pao, another new Rogue One character we’ve only seen in marketing materials, screams, “This is Pao, I’m on Eadu, and I need backup!”

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Thankfully Jyn and her band of Rebel spies are already there ready to help Pao steal a second batch of Death Star plans from a downed Imperial shuttle. But before they intercept the plans, Stormtroopers destroy their U-Wing containing the other batch of Death Star plans they’re carrying. Soon, former Imperial security droid K-2SO does a double agent switcheroo and gives up Cassian Andor to the Empire most likely to double cross them into helping the Rebels with their mission.

The problem with these #GoRogue videos is that we don’t know how much they’ll stick to the actual storyline in the film. They have all those sweet, sweet merchandising ingredients, but that doesn’t mean things will happen exactly as they do here.

Ponder that as you check out this awesome new Pao action figure:

Hasbro's Pao action figure.

Still, there’s no denying that we know the once-mysterious Eadu is a brand new planet in Rogue One, and it’ll probably be the place Jyn and company go after more batches of the Death Star plans that are so vital to their mission.

Rogue One hits theaters on December 16.

Media via Hasbro, GIPHY

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