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TikTok Sex Talk

TikTok Sex Talk is an Inverse column explaining (and sometimes debunking) the weirdest sexual health tips on TikTok.



Why testicles have tastebuds

A viral TikTok video reveals the weird truth inside our testes.


Let’s TikTok About Sex

Does coffee make your orgasms better?

A viral TikTok makes a new case for the benefits of caffeine.


Spit or swallow

Why semen is good for your brain

A viral TikTok reveals the surprising answer to an oral sex mystery.

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Mind and Body

Research confirms a fact about the clitoris the Ancient Greeks understood

The genital organ was misunderstood for centuries.

The 6 million dollar pig

Bionic pig penises offer a "promising" new erectile dysfunction treatment

Can we get some morning hydrogel?

Stupid Sexy Aliens

Avatar 2 can't overcome James Cameron’s worst sin

There's honestly no good justification for Avatar's over-reliance on the male gaze.

Mind and Body

When anxiety gets you down, Viagra may not be the answer

Anxiety may have unwelcome sexual health side effects in young men.


Lobsters could hold the key to birth control that doesn't totally suck

By harnessing the power of mucus and chitosan, researchers hope to one day stop sperm cold.


Rick and Morty Season 6's most surprising scene was almost even wilder

Did anybody see that three-way coming?

The Inverse Interview

Hellraiser’s David Bruckner and Jamie Clayton have such sights to show you

The director and star discuss reinventing Clive Barker's horror masterpiece for a new era.

Rebel with a Cause

Andor just changed Star Wars forever in one serious way

Star Wars is finally ready to grow up.

Death orgy

45 million years later, a paleontologist realizes fossil frogs died having sex

Hopefully they had a good time.


Male celibacy has evolutionary benefits — but not for the reasons you think

Opinion: We studied lifelong religious celibacy in Tibetan Buddhist monasteries to understand why some people choose not to have sex.


Male birth control is at our fingertips. Will we ever grasp it?

A safe and effective topical gel has come the closest to commercial sale of any hormonal candidates so far. If it doesn’t get picked up, that’s everyone’s loss.

Real Heroes Do That

Harley Quinn Season 3 could fix a major Batman controversy, trailer hints

Remember when DC said Batman didn’t reciprocate in bed? Harley Quinn will finally tell us if he does.

TikTok Sex Talk

Why wearing socks during sex helps you have orgasms

The science behind a viral TikTok explained.

Mind and Body

Some dangerous — even banned — drugs lurk in dietary supplements

What are these hidden substances, and why do they matter?

Abortion Rights

Overturning Roe v. Wade will make the U.S.’s horrifying maternal mortality rates even worse

Maternal mortality rates have been increasing in the United States for decades.

Mind and Body

Study confirms the “orgasm gap” is more social than biological

This way of thinking isn’t new or isolated to the bedroom.