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2024’s Video Games, Ranked From Worst to Best

ByRobin Bea, Hayes Madsen, Shannon Liao, Kai Tatsumoto, Diego Arguello, Josh Broadwell, Willa Rowe and Kazuma Hashimoto

It’s already been a big year for gaming. Here’s every title Inverse has reviewed so far.


'The Last of Us' Scene Fans are Dreading Will Happen Sooner Than You Think

ByDais Johnston

It’s definitely not par for the course.


The Best Story in The Last of Us Is Also the Most Powerful

ByJavier Reyes

It was so good, HBO devoted an entire episode of the TV adaptation to it — with some minor changes.


'The Last of Us' Just Made Another Smart Casting Decision

ByDais Johnston

If it worked last year...

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The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered Changes and Differences: Is It Worth It?

ByGeorge Yang

Are the upgrades worth a purchase?


‘The Last of Us Part II’ Didn't Need a Remaster But It Got One Anyway

ByKazuma Hashimoto

While 'The Last of Us 2 Remastered' may be a too-young re-release of one of the most technically impressive games of its generation, it still manages to make my palms sweat and is a masterclass in atmosphere and tension.


'The Last of Us' Season 2 Casts a Crucial Character — And Confirms a Controversial Direction

ByDais Johnston

What’s better than one Ellie? Two Ellies.

The Inverse Interview

How Accurate Were the Survivalist Elements in 'The Last of Us'? A Real Prepper Explains

ByDais Johnston

How Bill’s story works in comparison with the real world — and what you can learn from it.

The Inverse Awards

The 25 Best TV Shows of 2023

ByHoai-Tran Bui, Jake Kleinman, Lyvie Scott, Dais Johnston, Alex Welch, Ryan Britt and Mark Hill

It was a great year to be a TV fan. Here are Inverse’s top shows, ranked.


The Last of Us Online Getting Cancelled Is Actually Good for Gamers. Here’s Why.

ByWilla Rowe

Not everything needs to be live service.