Here’s Every New AI Feature in the Samsung Galaxy S24 Explained

It's way more than just cool camera tricks this time around.

Samsung Galaxy S24 circle to search

Just when we thought Samsung was getting a little too iterative with its annual smartphone upgrades, it injected a healthy dose of artificial intelligence into its upcoming Galaxy S24 devices to spice things up.

AI in Samsung’s flagship smartphones is nothing new. The company has been using AI to power its camera features for a while, like its Nightography and image enhancer tools. However, Samsung is leaning all the way into generative AI this time around by adding live translation, new Google search tools, and even more photo and video editing capabilities. There’s a major catch though, since Samsung says that these AI features will only be free until the end of 2025.

If you’re excited to know what generative AI can do on a phone, here are all the fancy new features coming to the Galaxy S24 series.

6. Circle to Search

You’ll never be more than a quick circle away from identifying anything that comes across your Galaxy S24’s screen. Samsung teamed up with Google to introduce the Circle to Search feature, which will also be available on Google’s own Pixel smartphones. If something you’re watching or browsing piques your interest, you can draw a circle, scribble over, highlight, or tap on it and get instant search results from Google.

5. Live Translate

Samsung’s Live Translate feature allows you to have a phone call with someone speaking a different language and get two-way, real-time voice or text translations. There’s even an Interpreter tool that translates live conversations with a split-screen view so both people can understand each other looking at the same device. Traveling abroad won’t seem so daunting now if you have a Galaxy S24 on you, which feels like the closest thing we’ve gotten to a real-life Babel fish from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

4. Generative Edit

If you’ve already used Adobe’s Generative Fill, you’ll see a lot of similarities with Samsung’s Generative Edit tool. With the help of AI, you can expand your image background, fill in the borders if it’s crooked, or move objects around as you wish. The feature even fills in the spot where you moved your object from so it’s not too obvious. When you use Generative Edit, Samsung slaps a watermark and adds a note in the metadata, but there are ways around it.

3. Instant Slow-Mo

Samsung isn’t stopping at photo editing with generative AI. The Galaxy S24 also lets you slow down the action on any video, even if it wasn’t filmed in slow-motion or recorded on a Galaxy device. With Instant Slow-Mo, the AI looks at the movements in the video and adds in extra frames based on that to convert everything into slow-motion, even after you’ve already shot the video.

2. Chat Assist

If you’re stumped on coming up with a witty caption for your Instagram post, you can just use Samsung’s Chat Assist feature. It uses AI to capture a specific tone for whatever you’re writing, whether it’s a fun and informal vibe for social media or a more professional setting like if you’re typing up a work-related email. The Chat Assist feature even expands to Android Auto, which can now automatically summarize messages you get while you’re driving and suggest appropriate responses, like giving your ETA.

1. Transcript and Note Assist

With Samsung’s Transcript Assist, the AI works with the speech-to-text function to automatically transcribe your recordings, even differentiating between speakers. Afterward, you can summarize or translate the transcripts.

Similarly, the Note Assist feature uses AI to give you the gist of your notes. It’ll also save you time since the AI can generate templates, formats, and covers.

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