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This Quest 3 Update Gives Meta’s Headset One of the Apple Vision Pro’s Best Features

Here’s spatial computing for a fraction of the cost.

Meta's v67 PTC update for Quest headsets
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If you need more proof that Meta’s Quest and the Apple Vision Pro are in a dogfight to take the AR headset crown, it’s here.

In Meta’s v67 update for its Public Test Channel (PTC), where the company tests out new features before releasing it to the public, users finally get some crucial customization options for their windows. You can see the new feature, called New Window Layout, in action below.

It may seem like a minor UI change, but the ability to move and resize windows could represent a big step in redesigning Meta Quest’s clunky interface progress in making it a more seamless spatial computer like the Apple Vision Pro.

Rolling Out Now

If you’re one of the lucky ones in the PTC that received this update, the New Window Layout feature can be toggled in the Experimental Features section of Settings. Once toggled on, you can click and drag to move your window to wherever you want, as well as resize the window. You can get a maximum of six 2D windows now, three of which are docked while the other three can be positioned anywhere in your virtual space.

Besides that, you can enter fullscreen mode with any window where it will hide the other windows and the universal menu. Instead of the menu bar, you get a simplified version that lets you toggle the curved look of windows on and off, switch between a virtual background or passthrough, and even adjust the opacity of whatever background you’re using.

Now with double the windows and the ability to customize your layout, the Quest 3 expands its usefulness as a headset that offers more than just entertainment. As seen in Reddit user krzychuwr1’s setup, which is paired with a mouse and keyboard, it heavily resembles Apple Vision Pro’s spatial computer interface that could be useful for work or creative applications at a much more approachable price point.

Still in Beta Testing

Since this revamped window UI is part of the PTC, you have to opt in to play around with all of Meta’s beta features. Keep in mind these features aren’t fully fleshed out, so you may run into some bugs.

Most of the features first tested in Meta’s PTC eventually get released to the public and considering New Window Layout has been seeing such a positive response already, we doubt Meta will keep this stuck in development.

We’re expecting the Quest’s v67 update to be released in the coming weeks since Meta usually tests out its latest updates in PTC for roughly two weeks before an official announcement. We saw this timeline previously with the Meta Quest v66 update, which introduced passthrough improvements and wrist buttons earlier this month. As good as the passthrough looks after the latest update, Meta’s v67 looks far more promising for the Quest’s ongoing rivalry with the Apple Vision Pro.

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