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The Quest 3’s Best Secret Feature Is Giving Your PS5 a Giant Screen

With some messing around you can bring PS Remote Play to your Quest 3.

A quest 3 vr headset
Photograph by Raymond Wong

Gaming in VR is fun, but sometimes you don’t need all that immersion — sometimes you just need some immersion. That’s where the Quest 3 comes in handy.

Because of the Meta Quest 3’s mixed reality capabilities, it’s easier to use the headset as a really big screen, which naturally means really big movies, really big remote work screens, and on a more fun level, really big-screen gaming.

Quest 3 Remote Play and PlayStation

Behold: PS Remote Play on the Quest 3.

As we’ve chronicled previously, people are doing lots of wild things with the Quest 3’s mixed reality, and as a matter of course, that experimentation has also extended to using your PlayStation (any Sony console that works with PS Remote Play).

For the record, using your headset as a second screen isn’t really new, but the Quest 3’s mixed reality makes the concept that much more appealing. Think about it: when you watch TV or play games, most people don’t go into a tunnel or cave to do it. They can still, say, check to see if it’s raining out while gaming or watching a movie.

While PlayStation doesn’t currently have a direct integration to let you play games on a Quest — they have a competing headset, the PlayStation VR 2, after all — Quest 3 owners have already figured out ways to use Sony’s Remote Play streaming app to get games on the headset.

I could regurgitate the step-by-step process here, but to be honest, Reddit has already done a good job of distilling the how-to process for us. Below is a video tutorial on how to get Remote Play on your Quest 3.

In short, you use SideQuest — a popular way to download apps that aren’t on the Meta Store to your headset — to sideload the PlayStation App and Remote Play. With some finagling that I’ll let Reddit describe here, you can use Remote Play like a second screen and your PlayStation controller as you would normally.

As you can tell, the whole process is very unofficial, but also a good example of exactly why mixed reality appeals to people. PS Remote Play can theoretically be used anywhere with a strong mobile data connection or Wi-Fi, which means your Quest 3 (theoretically) is kind of a mobile console.

If this is too much screwing around for you, don’t fret. One of the standout announcements for me during Meta’s Quest 3 reveal was integration with Xbox Cloud Gaming which brings Gamepass games to the headset in an official capacity.

You’ll have to wait until December for that, so in the meantime, if you’re really itching to play console games on your Quest 3 via a mixed reality screen then you better get sideloading.

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