These Tiny Earbuds Are Here To Save You From Overstuffed Pockets

Jlab’s Jbuds Mini are no AirPods Pro, but maybe that’s a good thing.

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I love Nothing’s Ear 2 wireless earbuds, but they share the same flaw that all earbuds do in my opinion — they’re too damn big.

When I say “they,” what I mean specifically is the charging case. It’s not that the Ear 2’s are bigger than your typical wireless buds, it’s that pretty much all buds have a chonky charging case — I mean, batteries are batteries; it’s hard to get around that limitation.

So that’s just that, right? You’re doomed to overstuffing your pockets with a hefty charging case for good? Maybe not.

Jbuds Mini

Jlab may not have the same cachet as Apple or Samsung, but it’s doing something that neither AirPods nor Galaxy Buds have done: going big on going small.

I’m talking really small; the recently launched Jbuds Mini are tiny. I’d rattle off specs, but sometimes pictures speak louder than words, so first, drink in this picture of the buds next to an SD card.



According to Jlab, the Minis are also light — the company says they weigh just 3.14 grams sans case. For perspective, 3rd-gen AirPods weigh 4.28 grams according to Apple. A gram might not seem like a lot, but in combination with the compact design of the charging case, I’d say that adds up to a much lighter footprint in your poor overcrowded pockets. Hooray for me specifically!

They also happen to be lighter on your wallet — the Jbuds Mini cost just $40.



Naturally, given the price and size, you’ll make some sacrifices compared to AirPods or a comparable pair of higher-end earbuds. Namely, you’ll be missing active noise-cancellation (ANC) and the listening time you’d get from a bigger charging case. This little guy has about two hours of listening time on it according to Jlab. What do you expect from a thumb drive-sized case?

I, of course, can’t speak to the quality of the sound delivered by the JBuds Mini since I haven’t used them, but I’m more than a little interested in giving them a whirl since my pockets — with a big phone, keys, wallet, cigarettes, and a lighter — are at max occupancy. And let’s be honest, I’m not quitting smoking any time soon.

The JBuds Mini are available for pre-order here and are set to ship in September.

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