Insta360’s New Action Camera Is the Best Way To Spy on Your Pets

For those curious about what their pets are up to when they’re home alone.

Insta360 Go 3S action camera on a cat with a collar

Forget filming things like skydiving, cliff jumping, or mountain biking, we want to see what our pets are knocking over or tearing apart when they’re home alone. Insta360’s new Go 3S action cam is tiny, lightweight design that features the same versatile mounting system as the Go 3 which makes it perfect for pet spying.

No really, just check out Insta360’s tiny action cam clipped to a cat’s collar with the Easy Clip accessory.

It’s always the orange cats that are up to no good.


Nearly Double the Resolution

Obviously, Insta360 didn’t upgrade its thumb-sized action camera just to record pet footage better. With an increase to 4K video resolution at 30 fps and a new wide-angle lens with an expanded field of view, the Go 3S is much more capable for all kinds of action cam uses, especially with the addition of slow-motion video up to 200 fps at 1080p quality.

On the inside, Insta360 upgraded the Go 3S with a new chip that reportedly boosts performance by 50 percent. However, the new-and-improved action camera uses the same battery as its predecessor so there’s a slight downgrade in battery life, most likely due to the bump up in resolution. Instead of the Go 3’s 45 minutes of runtime on its own and 170 minutes with the Action Pod that also acts as a battery extender, the Go 3S gets 38 minutes of runtime alone and 140 minutes in the case.

The Go 3S is rated for better depths if you plan on using it for underwater activities.


Besides the camera update, Insta360 upgraded the Go 3S’s waterproofing so it can handle depths of up to 33 feet. The same rule from the older model still applies though, since the Go 3S is only waterproof when it’s alone and not in the Action Pod Case. On top of that, the action cam can understand gesture controls now, like the Ace that was released as a GoPro rival last year.

But Wait, There’s a Harness

You can already order the Go 3S at Insta360’s website, Amazon, or with certain retailers, in a standard bundle that starts at $399.99. In that package, you get the 64GB model of the Go 3S along with the basic suite of accessories that includes the Action Pod, Magnet Pendant, Pivot Stand, Lens Guard, and Easy Clip — which we mentioned previously as the pet collar attachment. Insta360 has the Go 3S in a 128GB model, which starts at $429.99 for more storage, or you can buy only the camera for $239.99 if you’re only looking to upgrade from last year’s Go 3.

You can fit the Go 3S above or below your pet’s body with the Pet Harness accessory.


The Easy Clip can certainly get the job done when it comes to capturing indoor pet footage, but you can go even further with Insta360’s Pet Harness accessory. It’s better suited for filming your dog’s point-of-view running around outside, but it also costs you an extra $59.99. Either way, the Go 3S can finally uncover what your pet’s life without you looks like, while also being an extremely versatile action camera.

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