55 Weird Things Under $35 on Amazon That Are Legitimately Amazing

Strange yet genius products.

by Lauren Moison
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When it comes to the flow and function of your daily life, it’s often the unsung heroes that keep everything working smoothly. I’m talking about space-saving hacks, unique kitchen accessories, and even some self-care items that make getting ready a little more enjoyable. And while some of them may seem a bit strange at first, they all have rave reviews from Amazon shoppers, so you can feel confident they’re a worthy pick.

To discover some of these awesome things, scroll on for my weird but cool picks — they’re all under $35, too.


A set of stretchy straps to keep your fitted sheets in place

Not only do these genius bed sheet straps save you time and frustration by keeping your fitted sheets from sliding off the corners, but they also help create a smooth, wrinkle-free sheet to snooze on. They feature sturdy stainless steel clips and padding so your sheets don’t get damaged, as well as adjustable buckles and stretchy straps to fit all sheet and bed sizes.

Colors: 3


This derma roller that helps exfoliate & brighten your skin

Fans of this derma roller love how it helps to brighten and smooth their skin, and after using it, one shopper wrote: “My skin was smoother than it had ever been, the texture was so even.” It can be used once or twice a week prior to the application of your favorite moisturizers and serums and features tiny 0.25-millimeter needles that are easy for beginners to use.


A pack of wine aerators that also deliver drip-free pours

To experience the full flavor profile of your wine, use these aerators that help to infuse vino with oxygen as it pours. The oval spouts help reduce drips, rubber bases keep them securely in your bottles, and you get two in the pack — perfect for entertaining.

Colors: 3


This exfoliating body mitt for silky smooth skin

This large exfoliating body mitt helps reduce bumps, ingrown hairs, and dry skin and has received more than 8,000 perfect five-star reviews from Amazon shoppers. One fan wrote: “My skin feels brand new - like baby skin - after I use this mitt.” Plus, you just need to dampen the sponge with water — there’s no soap required.


A faux leather pouch that keeps your car accessories within reach

Use this car seat gap organizer to help keep your phone, sunglasses, and other accessories within reach. Shaped to fit conveniently in between your seat and the center console, this organizer comes with spacers to create compartments or a more secure fit and it’s made of a faux leather material that’s totally waterproof.

Colors: 5


These pimple patches that help absorb blemishes in mere hours

These hydrocolloid patches have received over 125,000 ratings on Amazon thanks to their incredible ability to calm blemishes quickly. The slightly transparent patches are allergy tested and safe for all skin types, have a gentle adhesive to keep them in place, and can help minimize the appearance of pimples in just six to eight hours.


An antibacterial body wash with tea tree, peppermint, & aloe

Not only does this body wash have an energizing scent that’s great for mornings, but it also contains antibacterial and antifungal ingredients such as tea tree, peppermint, and rosemary oils to help reduce dry skin, acne, and other skin irritations. The clear gel also contains skin-soothing aloe and vitamins and it’s formulated for all skin types.


These storage bags that can be vacuum sealed to conserve space

These vacuum-sealed storage bags are great for stashing blankets, seasonal clothing, pillows, and other bulky items. Each one has a valve to remove excess air using the hose on your vacuum, and the set even comes with a mini air pump for when you don’t have access to a vacuum — which makes them perfect for maximizing space in your luggage while traveling.

Sizes: 5


A knee pillow to support your back & legs while you sleep

Use this sculpted wedge pillow while sleeping or relaxing to help reduce pressure on your knees, hips, and back. A cooling gel core helps to keep you comfy, while the memory foam material and ergonomic shape help cradle your legs and keep them in place.


These rug grippers that keep the corners from curling

Reduce trip hazards and keep your rugs looking neat with these grippers that help corners lay flat on the floor. Each V-shaped gripper features an adhesive backing that sticks securely to your rug and has a rubber outer layer that’s safe to use on all kinds of hard floors. Plus, the adhesive is weatherproof for use on outdoor rugs.


A set of hand-blown glass bulbs that can water your plants for up to 2 weeks

Even the most enthusiastic gardener needs help watering their plants once in a while, and these glass watering bulbs make the job a lot easier. With a decorative, hand-blown design, each of these globes can be filled with water and inserted into the soil of your potted plants to hydrate as needed for up to two weeks — great for vacations and dry spells.


This shower mirror that won’t fog up

With anti-fogging technology and a handy little squeegee to boot, this shower mirror can help you apply skin products or shower shave with ease. Simply fill the water chamber in the back with hot water at the start of your shower, and it’ll stay fog-free until you’re finished. Two suction cups and a travel pouch are included.


A jar opener that stays hidden under your cabinet

While multiple attempts and heroic strength might eventually get that stubborn jar lid off, you could make it a lot easier by installing one of these under-cabinet jar openers. The V-shaped design enables near-effortless opening of jars of all sizes, and it has a slim profile that keeps it hidden under cabinets. The three screws needed for installation are also included.


This pumice stone that lifts hard water stains on bathroom surfaces

At first glance, this pumice stone may look like a useful pedicure tool, but it’s actually designed to remove hard water stains, calcium buildup, and more from your toilet bowl. The finely textured stone won’t scratch bathroom surfaces, comes with a vented storage case, and lasts through plenty of uses. It’s also great for cleaning bathtubs, sinks, and floor tiles, too.


A bidet attachment that’s easy to install on any toilet

Upgrade your bathroom experience with this bidet attachment that provides a thorough clean with just water and fits nearly any toilet. A switch and dial on the unit provide customized spray settings, and it’s super easy to install, with one fan writing, “Installs in 10 minutes with minimal tools and zero knowledge of plumbing.”


This grease container with a strainer for storing cooking oils & drippings

If you like to save bacon grease or cooking oils for future use, check out this stainless steel grease keeper with a strainer to catch food particles. The dishwasher-safe container has a curved handle and spout on the side for easy pouring and can hold about 5 cups of grease.


These power scrubbers that make cleaning your kitchen & bathroom so much easier

Get into all of those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies with this brilliant scrub brush set that snaps onto your drill for a powered clean. The set includes three brushes in varying sizes with nylon bristles that are designed to clean grout and other kitchen and bathroom surfaces, as well as an extended reach attachment to get behind toilets and fixtures.


These wood touch-up markers that give old furniture a new life

Make scratches and dings in your wooden furniture or trim virtually undetectable with this touch-up markers and crayon set that includes six wood-toned shades. The waxy crayons are great for filling deeper blemishes and come with a sharpener to keep them fresh, while the markers provide color matching for light scratches and stains.


A set of LED strip lights for the back of your TV or computer

Create a dramatic glow and improve the contrast from behind your TV or monitor with these cool LED light strips that have an adhesive backing. The lights plug into your device’s USB port, and they’re also great for use under cabinets and shelving to create a moody lighting effect.

Sizes: 10


This magnetized wristband to hold screws, bolts, & nails right where you need them

Featuring nine powerful magnets that hold all the necessary hardware, this magnetic wristband is a fan favorite for making construction projects so much easier. A thumb loop and adjustable straps create a comfortable fit on left and right-handed users, and it’s made out of breathable, lightweight material.

Colors: 4


A set of clear adhesive wall guards to protect against bangs, dents, & holes

Protect your walls from dents and holes caused by door handles with this set of clear rubber stoppers that absorb the shock and blend into your wall. Each one is 2 inches wide, has an adhesive backing for easy installation, and can also be used to protect walls behind tables, refrigerator doors, and chairs.


These meat-shredding claws for easy pulled pork, chicken, & beef

Shredding meat with a fork can get tedious and time-consuming, and these meat claws make the job a lot easier (and more fun). They’re made from durable, dishwasher-safe metal and feature super sharp tines that are incredibly effective at lifting and shredding meat, with one reviewer writing, “I kick myself for not buying this product earlier. It makes shredding super simple.”

Colors: 2


A set of lawn aerating platforms that strap onto your boots

Go on a stroll in your yard with these spiky aerating shoes that help infuse the soil with oxygen for thicker, greener grass. Three adjustable straps with metal buckles provide a secure fit on most sizes of shoes, and they come with 13 spikes to self-install on the footbeds.


This odor-absorbing bar that removes cooking smells from your hands

It may sound odd, but this stainless steel bar is designed to absorb lingering odors (such as garlic and fish) off your skin, and you don’t even need water to use it. Reviews can attest to its effectiveness, with one fan writing, “This works so well. It is like magic!” The bar never loses its effectiveness and can be tossed in the dishwasher as needed.


A low-key neck fan to help keep you cool

Designed to look like a pair of headphones, no one will know this super-quiet neck fan is actually helping to keep you cool. Venting around the entire fan allows cooling from all angles and three speeds let you customize the breeze. The fan can run for up to 16 hours, depending on the setting, and recharges with the included USB-C cord.

Colors: 5


This car cup holder expander to fit large water bottles & travel cups

If you like using larger water bottles and tumblers but your car cup holders can’t accommodate them, this cup holder expander can fit bottles and cups up to 40 ounces. It has a twist base that’s adjustable between 2.5 and 3.75 inches in diameter for a secure fit in your car, and it even has a slot in the side to accommodate cup handles.

Colors: 3


A divided bowl to keep your cereal crunchy till the last bite

Prevent your cereal from getting soggy with this divided bowl that keeps the milk separate. Reviewers note that it’s also great for other foods you’d rather not combine right away (like chips and dip), with one shopper writing, “This is perfect. I’ve even used it for chili with some crackers on the side.” Plus, the BPA-free bowl is dishwasher-safe.

Colors: 3


This 18-in-1 multitool that you can keep in your wallet

Anytime you find yourself in need of a bottle opener, screwdriver, wrench, or ruler, just whip out this steel wallet multitool and go to work. It’s packed with 18 different tools for a variety of situations and is the size of a credit card so it’s easy to stash in your wallet. What’s more, it can even serve as a handy phone stand for watching videos.


A pair of glasses that let you read & watch TV while laying down

These prism glasses take comfort to the next level with a set of angled lenses that let you view your TV, book, or phone while laying flat. One reviewer wrote, “I’m on my phone a lot for work and what a difference they made in the first few minutes I had them on.” Plus, they can be worn with or without reading or prescription glasses.


This crevice-cleaning gel that picks up dirt from hard-to-reach places

Designed for your car but equally as effective in your home as well, this innovative cleaning gel can mold and fit into small nooks and crannies to pick up dirt, dust, and crumbs. It’s tacky but won’t leave a sticky residue behind, can be used many times over, and has a light scent, depending on the color you choose.

Colors: 3


A bug bite suction tool to help reduce skin irritation

Reduce the swelling, itch, and stinging of bug bites with this cool suction tool that pulls out the saliva or venom left behind. It’s most effective when you can use it right away, so it has a keychain hole to keep it handy. And it doesn’t use any creams or chemicals, so it’s great for all ages and skin types.

Colors: 4


This textured licking mat to keep your pet entertained

Dogs and cats alike will appreciate these licking mats that promote slower feeding, offer a fun challenge, and may help reduce anxiety. The silicone mats feature four quadrants with different textures and are great for use with peanut butter, soft food, yogurt, or purees. The dishwasher-safe set also comes with a small spatula to spread food.

Colors: 3 | Sizes: 3


A motion-activated toilet night light that changes colors

Make late-night bathroom trips a little more fun with this set of toilet night lights that turn on automatically when they sense movement. Each light is affixed to a universal motion detector that hangs over the side of any toilet. The lights have five brightness and 16 color options and will turn off after about two minutes of no motion.


This water dispenser that fits on 5-gallon jugs

Instead of buying one of those huge 5-gallon water bottle coolers, opt for this small and budget-friendly water dispenser that fits right on the top of your jug. The USB-rechargeable device lasts up to 60 days on a single charge, fits 2, 3, 4, and 5-gallon jugs, and uses a stainless steel tap to dispense water right into your cup.

Colors: 6


A set of stainless steel chilling sticks for your beer

These chiller sticks are a great way to keep bottles of beer cold, and they won’t interfere with your sip. Simply place a frozen stick in your beer bottle and press down firmly to create a seal. An opening in the stick allows liquid to pass through easily, and the chiller’s coolant-filled stainless steel will help keep your drink cold.


This laser distance reader that’s a must-have for DIY home projects

Quickly and accurately measure the length of a room, area of a space, or height of an object using this laser distance reader with a measuring range of up to 165 feet. It has a 20-record data storage function, two built-in levels, and an alternating head and tail function for extra-precise measurements. Plus, it’ll provide readings in inches, feet, and meters.

Styles: 2


A set of dusting & mopping slippers that make cleaning your floors a breeze

Clean your floors while you walk with these mop-head slippers that fit over your shoes and have long chenille fibers to capture dirt, hair, and dust. The pack of 10 absorbent slippers can be used wet or dry and cleaned in the washing machine when finished, and they have stretchy elastic openings that can accommodate shoes up to 9.4 inches long.


This moldable glue that can adhere to almost any surface

Whether you use it to fix a broken pot or a frayed cable, this moldable craft glue can make easy work of almost any task. The waterproof silicone formula adheres to everything from glass to concrete and metal and has the molding ability of clay so you can shape it to suit whatever the need may be.

Colors: 7


A shirt-folding board you won’t know how you lived without

To keep your clothes flat and tidy in the drawer, this folding board is a useful laundry companion. With over 24,000 reviews, fans agree that the folding board helps save space and create cleaner-looking drawers, with one shopper writing, “This has made my life so much easier and now I have more space in my closet.”


These cell phone pouches that are waterproof up to 100 feet

Great for camping trips, beach days, or waiting for an important call in the shower, these waterproof phone pouches have many applications. They have a universal design that fits most phones up to 8.3 inches and come with adjustable, detachable lanyards. Plus, they still enable you to use the touchscreen while your phone is in the pouch.

Color combos: 15


A mold-fighting gel for your washer seals & bathroom crevices

Get the gunk out of your washer with this mold-removing gel that works great for the seals and crevices of your machine. The bleach-free formula is fast-acting, and even helps prevents mold and mildew from forming long after the application has been washed away. It can also be used on grout and sealant in your bathroom and kitchen.


These head wraps that can be used warm or cold to soothe headaches

Ease headaches and migraines with these cooling headbands that use soft gel beads to deliver a soothing chill. Each one features a silky side for mild cooling and a PVC side for more intense cold, and they have hook and loop closures in the back for an adjustable fit. Plus, they can even be placed in the microwave for relaxing heat therapy.


A set of hangers that’ll free up so much closet space

Maximize the space in your closet with a set of these collapsible hangers that can store five pairs of pants each. Sold in a two-pack, each hanger can hold up to 30 pounds to accommodate heavy jeans or pants. They also have a nonslip grip to keep clothes in place and 360-degree swivel hooks for easy hanging.

Colors: 4


These space-saving hypoallergenic laundry detergent sheets

Upgrade your laundry detergent with these waterless eco-friendly sheets that are much easier to store, carry, and use. The detergent in these sheets is hypoallergenic and paraben-free, safe for septic and grey water systems, and comes in plastic-free packaging. Just half a sheet provides enough cleaning power for a standard load, and they can be used in both top-loading and front-loading washers.

Scents: Fresh (featured), unscented


A foam neck pillow that helps relieve tension & align your spine

To help relieve stiffness and tension in your neck and jaw, spend just 10 minutes on this neck and shoulder relaxer with a wave-like design. The unique shape and foam material work to gently stretch your neck and align your spine, and one reviewer wrote: “This helps take the tension off my neck immediately and has even helped relieve headaches.”

Colors: 5


This popular cleaning paste for some of the toughest household stains

With over 150,000 reviews, this all-purpose cleaning paste has developed a bit of a cult following thanks to its ability to clean almost anything, including limescale, baked-on grease and food, and rust stains. The lightly abrasive cleaner is gentle enough for most surfaces and has a fresh, fruity scent.


A genius fast-food sauce container that’s been featured on Shark Tank

The epic struggle of juggling your favorite nuggets, fries, and sauces in the car is over thanks to this vent dip clip. It has a universal mount that attaches securely to your car vent and is designed to hold sauce containers from most fast-food restaurants. The holder even comes with a removable sauce ramekin to squeeze ketchup packets into.


These paper sheets that may help you save money on produce

These innovative produce sheets help keep your fruits and veggies fresh for up to four times longer. Infused with organic botanicals, these sheets are completely chemical and BPA-free and can be added to any bag, bowl, or container to help keep food fresh. Plus, each sheet is reusable for about 30 days, or when the maple scent fades completely.


A grocery carrier that makes it easier to get all of your bags inside

Get your grocery haul inside in fewer trips with this bag carrier that can hold up to 80 pounds. The ergonomically designed carrier has gel padding on the inside for a cushioned and comfortable hold in your hand, or it can be placed on your shoulder for hands-free use. Dividers on the inside help evenly distribute the weight, and there are seven colors to choose from.

Colors: 7


This color-changing kitty litter that provides insights into your cat’s health

Get daily insights into your cat’s health with this kitty litter that changes color to indicate abnormal pH and protein levels. The absorbent litter will turn yellow when normal urine is present and turn blue, green, orange, or red when an issue is detected. It’s also dust-free and helps minimize tracking and odors — great for multi-cat households.


A cereal cup so you can enjoy this classic breakfast on the go

Great for busy mornings, this portable cereal cup features separate compartments for the cereal and milk and a special spout that’ll mix them together when you’re ready to take a swig. One fan wrote, “I love cereal but I never give myself enough time in the morning to sit down for a bowl. NOW I just bring it with me to work.” Plus, the cup is dishwasher-safe and BPA-free.

Colors: 5


These snap-on cap trays for your laundry detergent

Contain the messes created by leaky detergent jug nozzles with these snap-on trays that hold caps in the perfect position to catch rogue drips. Each tray fits easily over most value-sized detergent and fabric softener nozzles and has ridges to keep the cup elevated and mess-free.


A collapsible pizza container that can store up to 5 slices

Great for storing extra pizza in the fridge or taking a couple of slices to work, this pizza container will help conserve space and is expandable to fit up to five slices. The silicone container is BPA-free and microwavable, has an air vent in the lid for reheating, and comes with five dividing trays to keep slices separate.

Colors: 6


These shoe stackers that’ll fit twice as many pairs in your organizer

Double the space of your shoe organizer with these footwear stackers that enable you to place one shoe on top of the other for storage. They have adjustable height levels to accommodate flats, boots, and heels and a nonslip surface to keep shoes from sliding. They’re also super easy to wipe clean as needed.


An absorbent microfiber towel that dries fast

Great for the gym, camping, or basically anything outdoors, this absorbent microfiber towel dries super fast to help reduce odors and bacteria buildup. The towel’s thin material makes it lightweight and compact when folded — great for backpacks and gym bags — and it comes in six different sizes to suit your needs.

Colors: 11 | Sizes: 6

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