65 Weird Things Under $30 on Amazon That Are Clever as Hell

Whoever dreamed up these inventions deserves an award.

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There are plenty of bizarre things for sale on the internet that beg the question: Who would buy this? Then there are these weird things on Amazon that are so damn clever, you’ll wonder who wouldn’t add them to their cart immediately. Why? Because they’re weird in the most helpful ways. From ingenious tools that streamline cooking and cleaning, to products that help you save money in the long run, you’ll find plenty of finds that will upgrade your routine. You’ll also discover some items that are just, well, fun. Because we all deserve to have a little more fun (don’t we?).


This Cleaning Kit That Clears The Grime From Window Tracks

Window tracks inevitably get grimy over time, but it’s easy to bring them back to installation-grade status with this cleaning kit. The set includes two scrub brushes to loosen debris, along with four spongey pads that grab dust and dirt from both sides of the track at the same time. Just a few swipes is all it takes.


These Gliders That Let You Slide Appliances Across Your Countertop

If your coffee maker or stand mixer lives under your kitchen cabinets, you know what a pain it is to pull it out when you need to use it. These appliance sliders are your fix. Just stick them onto the underside of your machine with the adhesive, and they’ll glide out with ease. They’re safe to use on most surfaces including marble, wood, and stainless steel.


A Dryer Vent Cleaner Hose Attachment That’s a Bestseller on Amazon

This vacuum hose attachment might look weird, but it’s a practical, budget-friendly way to deeply clean your dryer’s lint trap and prevent fires. It’s 31.5 inches long to reach way back in your dryer’s vent, and the adapter will fit onto most vacuums. In addition to preventing fires, cleaning out your lint will make your dryer run more efficiently, which can save you money.


The Stretchy Silicone Lids That Fit Over All Kinds Of Containers

If you’d rather not dedicate an entire cupboard to food storage containers, stock up on these reusable silicone lids that cover everything from bowls to pots to half pieces of fruit. Made from silicone, each one is ultra-stretchy to fit a variety of containers, making them surprisingly versatile. They’re freezer-, microwave-, and dishwasher-safe.


A Low-Profile Outlet Extender That Minimizes Bulk

Getting a little extra plug-in space doesn’t mean you have to deal with a bulky surge protector or power strip. In fact, this highly rated outlet extender has a minimalist 1.1-inch profile, so it not only looks sleek, but fits into tight spaces, like behind furniture. It offers up three AC sockets for appliances, along with two USB ports for charging devices.


An Under-Sink Organizer That Leaves Space For The Pipe

Make the most of the storage under your bathroom or kitchen sink with this under-sink organizer. The double-decker organizer is designed to make use of vertical space while still accommodating for the pipe. For extra convenience, there’s a hanging compartment for scrub brushes and a sliding bottom tray that makes it easy to grab items in the back.


These Sconce Night Lights That Are Brightness Adjustable

Add a little illumination to dark areas with these sconce-style night lights. They cast a warm glow — both above and below — giving hallways and stairways an upgraded feel. A dimmer on the side lets you choose the brightness level, and an auto-sensor turns them on at dusk and off at dawn.

  • Available colors: 6


A Sleek Clock That Uses Words — Not Numbers — to Display the Time

A sleek, modern addition to any room, this electronic clock tells you the time — literally. It uses LED lights to illuminate easy-to-read words and display the time in five minute increments. As functional and fun as it is stylish, this timepiece comes in four modern finishes: copper, rose gold, silver, and black.


These Liners That Keep You From Ever Having To Scrub The Oven Again

Cleaning the oven is arguably the most unforgiving kitchen task, but with these nonstick oven liners, you can kiss that chore goodbye forever. Just stick them on the floor of the oven (they can be trimmed to size), and they’ll catch runoff cheese, sauce, and crumbs. The BPA-free liners are heat-safe to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, and can be wiped clean or run through the dishwasher.


The Best-Selling Callus Removing Gel That Works in Minutes

You only need five to 10 minutes, this callus removing gel, and a pumice stone for a professional-like pedicure at home. It works effectively and quickly, and the 8-ounce bottle will last for a long, long time, which is why this at-home self-care solution has over 35,000 five-star reviews on Amazon and is a bestseller.


These Cable Labels That Help You Make Sense Of Your Cords

Tangle of cords behind your TV or computer got you down? Add some order in the form of these cable labels that indicate exactly what each wire is for. The color-coded labels can be easily written on with a ballpoint pen, and since they secure with Velcro (not adhesive), they’re easy to adjust as needed.


The Skull Ice Mold That For Drinks That Are Chilled (& Spine Chilling)

Cocktails are more fun (and a little bit metal) when you add some skull-shaped ice cubes to the glass. These ice molds make four extra-large cubes, and the flexible silicone material makes it easy to pop them out. The cubes pair perfectly with simple spirits (whiskey, tequila), but if you’re a tiki drink aficionado, they’re an absolute must for zombies.


The Oven Rack Guards That Help Protect Your Arms From Burns

Steering clear of the rack when you reach into the oven is tricky, but you can prevent forearm burns with these oven rack shields. Made from heat-resistant silicone, they offer a bit of extra protection, so you can concentrate on balancing that sheet of cookies, instead of playing dodge with the rack. Just trim them to size and slide them on.


This Jar Opener That Quickly Removes Stubborn Lids

Opening a stubborn lid is a breeze with this clever jar opener. The self-adhesive backing makes it easy to install under a cabinet or countertop, keeping it out of sight. Its strong carbon steel teeth grip onto any lid or bottle cap, allowing you to quickly twist it open.


The Hooks That Let You Hang Clothes Vertically To Save Space On Your Closet Rod

If your closet is packed, these clothes hanger connectors can help you get a little room back on the rod. Each connector slips over a hanger, and then features a hook that holds the next hanger. The hanger connector can hold up to 20 pounds, so you can trust it with heavier garments.


A Fan-Favorite Fitted Sheet With A Pocket For Phones & Remote Controls

Fo quick access to your remote control, earbuds, or other essentials, this fitted sheet with a pocket comes in clutch. Boasting a 4.6-star overall rating on Amazon, it’s not just a gimmick; according to reviewers, the sheet is “extremely soft and comfortable,” and feels “like you are sleeping on clouds.” It’s made from double-brushed microfiber, and features bonus elastics at each corner to ensure it doesn’t pop off your mattress.

  • Available sizes: twin — California king
  • Available colors: 13


A Collapsible Solar Lantern For Camping & Bug-Out Bags

Whether you’re headed to the great outdoors, or just looking to add some practical tools to an emergency kit, this collapsible solar lantern fits the bill. Also chargeable via USB, this versatile lantern has three settings: low, high, and SOS flashing. It folds down to just 1.8 inch in height, so it takes up minimal storage and backpack space, and the hook lets you hang it anywhere.


This Fan-Favorite Masher For Meat, Potatoes & More

Whether you use it to brown ground beef, whip up guacamole, or prepare mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving, this masher will prove its worth in your kitchen. The five angled blades are designed to make chopping, mashing, and even scraping bowls easy. Boasting a stellar 4.7-star overall rating on Amazon, the masher is both BPA free and dishwasher safe.


This Dog Collar That Lights Up For Safer Night Walks

Evening walks call for a little extra visibility, so outfit your pup with this LED dog collar. It helps drivers see your pet from up to 1,000 feet away and operates on both solid and blinking modes. It’s water resistant and offers up to eight hours of operation on a single charge.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — Large
  • Available colors: 10


A Magnetic Wristband That Keeps Hardware Close By

Home repair and DIY tasks could be a lot easier if you didn’t have to dig through your toolbox to grab a screw midway through the job. This wristband has an embedded magnet, so it keeps your hardware within easy reach at all times — which also reduces the chance that anything will (annoyingly) fall to the ground. The Velcro closure is adjustable to fit most wrists.


This Kit That Makes It Easy To Clean Your Favorite Kicks

If your favorite shoes (or any of your shoes) have seen better days, grab this cleaning kit to bring them back to fresh-out-of-the-box status. This best-selling set is safe to use on leather and other materials, and the accompanying scrub brush works off dirt without causing damage. You can even soak your laces in the solution to make them look brand new.


The Highly-Rated Packing Cubes That Streamline Your Suitcase

A jumbled, overflowing suitcase is the second most annoying thing about travel (after long airport security lines), but these packing cubes let you sort items by type, so you can keep tabs on everything. Boasting a near-perfect overall rating, the set includes four mega-lightweight cubes with mesh tops, so you can view contents at a glance. You’ll also get a drawstring bag for dirty laundry.

  • Available colors: 10


This Front Seat Organizer That Doubles as a Work Bag

Keep your laptop, notebooks, pens, phone, water bottles, and other office essentials neatly stored in this car seat organizer. Meant for the mobile worker, this organizer has an adjustable strap that loops over a headrest and a flap that keeps your belongings covered and protected. That same strap and flap make this organizer turn into a work bag that’s easy to carry.


This Popular Exfoliation Towel That Dries Quickly

Backed by over 13,000 five-star ratings, this exfoliating towel is a fan favorite on Amazon. Made from rip-resistant nylon, the towel features two types of threads to help create a generous lather and gently exfoliate your skin. The fabric is also designed to dry quickly so it’s ready to go for your next shower.


The Seat Gap Organizers That Add Extra Storage To Your Ride

These car seat gap organizers are a convenient add-on for two distinct reasons: 1.) They give you easy-to-access storage for sunglasses, your phone, and other essentials, and 2.) they fill the space between your seats and center console. (That means no more eternally lost fries or change.) Made from faux leather, they come in shades to match your car’s interior, like gray, tan, and black.

  • Available colors: 4


This Cleaning Ball That Keeps Your Backpack, Briefcase Or Toiletry Kit Dirt-Free

You know how the insides of backpacks and toiletry bags tend to get dirty and gross over time? This cleaning ball fixes that. It rolls around the inside of the bag, and the inner sticky ball traps dust, crumbs, and dirt. When it’s lost its stickiness, pop open the honeycomb shell, remove the debris from the inner sticky ball and give it a rinse, then stick it back in your bag.


The Collapsible Measuring Cups & Spoons That Don’t Jam Drawers

Cooking tools have a way of building up until your kitchen drawer jams every time you try to open it. These collapsible measuring cups and spoons afford you a little more space by folding down flat when you’re not using them. They’re made from BPA-free silicone — which is dishwasher safe — and feature easy-to-read markings. No wonder they’ve earned a 4.7-star overall rating from reviewers.


This Litter Mat That Keeps Your Floors Crunch Free

Hate the crunch of litter under your shoes? This litter mat is here for you. The mesh surface traps the granules before they travel far, and you can simply vacuum them up or shake the mat out. It comes in a range of sizes and colors, and cat owners reported that it’s soft on kitty paws — so your feline won’t avoid it.


This Microwave Cleaner That Makes It Easy To Remove Food Stains

When was the last time you scrubbed your microwave? If the interior is covered in stuck-on food gunk, this clever microwave cleaner makes removing it a breeze. Simply fill it with vinegar and water and heat it in the microwave for seven minutes to release steam, softening food stains and making them easy to wipe away.


The Paint Pens That Make Small Touch-Ups A Breeze

With these paint pens, you don’t have to pull out a big can and brush to touch up small dings and scratches. Just fill the tube with the matching paint, then use the fine-tip brush to cover imperfections on walls, doorframes, furniture, and more. You’ll get two pens, plus a syringe that makes filling them up a mess-free affair.


This Dual-Purpose Tool That Scrapes Jars & Spreads Butter, Frosting & More

This scoop and spread tool is the kind of thing you didn’t know you needed — but will end up using every day. The dual-purpose tool features a flexible silicone end for scraping jars and scooping, and a stiffer nylon side for smoothly spreading butter, jam, frosting, and soft cheeses. The tool even cuts through soft baked goods like biscuits and muffins with ease.


A Door Prop That Keeps Your Washing Machine From Smelling Musty

Help prevent your washing machine from smelling musty by using this ingenious door prop. Designed for use with front-loading washers, the prop has a magnetic base that sticks to the machine and a flexible arm that holds the door open to create airflow. Covered in soft silicone, the prop does its thing without scratching or damaging your appliance.


A 3-In-1 Charging Station For Your Phone, Smartwatch, & Earbuds

Charge your phone, smartwatch, and earbuds in one convenient place thanks to this three-in-one charging station. Just place your phone and watch on the wireless charging docks and connect your earbuds to the built-in charger to power all your devices at once. An 18-watt adapter and USB-C charging cable are included for easy setup.


These Cutters That Create Crust-Free Sandwiches

Make lunch a little more fun with this set of sandwich sealers that includes a triangle, circle, and square-shaped cutter. Designed to work with most large slices of bread, the tools create sealed, crust-free sandwiches in seconds. Plus, the cutters are top-rack dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.


This Sink Caddy That’ll Make Sure Your Counter Stays Slime-Free

Keep your sink area clean and organized with this stylish faux marble caddy. It includes a built-in soap dispenser with a rust-resistant pump and has compartments for a sponge and cleaning brush. Drainage holes along the bottom help your cleaning tools dry quickly and make washing the caddy a breeze.


This Car Trunk Organizer That Will Make Grocery Day So Much Easier To Handle

This car trunk organizer is not just great for organizing your possessions while you travel — it’s also a great way to simplify grocery day, especially if you’re trying to separate refrigerated products from pantry products. Available in three colors, this organizer has three compartments as well as a tie-down strap system to keep everything secure, even if you turn a sharp corner.


A Flip-Top Lid That Turns Mason Jars Into Dispensers

Got a Mason jar hanging around doing nothing? Turn it into a dispenser for drinks, sauces, and marinades with this dispenser lid. Compatible with wide-mouth jars, it screws on easily and has a flip-top spout and comfortable handle.

  • Available colors: 4


This Vegetable Chopper That Speeds Up Meal Prep

When it comes to meal prep, this vegetable chopper can seriously speed things up. It comes with four interchangeable blades to quickly chop and spiralize veggies — all you have to do is press down on the handle. Diced food is dropped into the container below, reducing spills and keeping ingredients together.


This bright light that clips onto your hat

This headlamp features a bright LED light bar and four smaller UV lights, and can be securely attached to any hat. In addition to the aforementioned UV function, you can also choose from low, high, and strobe light modes. And this isn’t just a great gift for dads — it’s handy for kids so they can read in the dark, and for outdoorsy types so they can see what they’re doing while hiking or camping at night.


This Can Opener That Works At The Touch Of A Button

Let this electric can opener do all the work when it comes to prepping lunch. Available in four colors that’ll all make your kitchen pop, this can opener works on four AA batteries, which aren’t included. Leaving smooth edges behind, all you need to do is press a button for it to work. The opener itself is designed to not make contact with your food, saving you from additional mess.


This roll-up dish-drying rack that saves space

Short on space? This roll-up dish rack unfolds to fit over your sink so you can turn it into a makeshift drying station. Sold in three colors and six sizes, the materials are heat resistant up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can also use it as a trivet for serving. When you’re done, just roll it back up — it’ll take up hardly any space in your drawer.


A Wireless Apple Watch Charger That Attaches To Your Key Ring

This Apple Watch charger attaches to your key chain, so you can keep your timepiece powered up when you’re on the go. The wireless power bank works magnetically, and provides a full charge in two hours. It comes with a type-C cable, so you can recharge the power bank periodically, then keep it on your key ring.


These dishwasher-safe liners to keep your oven clean

Never deal with burnt food sticking onto your oven again with these clever teflon oven liners. They’re dishwasher safe and infinitely reusable, so they’re much less wasteful than aluminum, and if they’re too big for your oven, they can easily be cut down for a perfect fit. A set of two costs just $10, so they’ll pay for themselves in no time.


These Stackable Fruit Baskets That Let You Store More Produce

Big farmers market haul? These stackable wire baskets can handle it — without apples ane peaches tumbling out onto your countertop. They click together without hardware, so you unstack them at will, and also feature screw holes at the back if you prefer to mount them to the wall.


The Hat Organizer That Helps Prevent Crumpling

Keep your baseball caps from getting crushed by hanging them on this hat rack. The simple organizer has a Velcro closure — secure it around the pants rod of any hanger — along with clips for storing up to 10 hats. Use it for other other brimmed hats and beanies, too.


A Magnetic Paper Towel Holder That Requires Zero Installation

Not only does this magnetic paper towel holder free up kitchen counter space, but it doesn’t require any permanent installation with hardware (ideal if you rent or just don’t want to mess with tools). Just stick it onto your fridge or other magnetic surface — if you’re barbecuing, it secures right onto the grill, too.

  • Available finishes: 5


This 3-Layer Lunch Box For Better Meals On The Go

Go beyond brown bag lunches with this stackable lunch box that makes it possible to enjoy a square meal anywhere. The triple-layer bento box includes a one-compartment base container and a two-compartment top container — sandwiched in between is a tray with three utensils. The BPA-free pieces are dishwasher safe, and a strap keeps everything secure in transit.

  • Available colors: 8


An Absorbent Chenille Bath Mat With A Minimalist Aesthetic

This bath mat is made with ultra-absorbent chenille, but unlike other chenille mats — which have a high, shaggy pile — it boasts a more understated, minimalist design. The machine-washable rug features a simple waffle-weave pattern and nonslip bottom. Choose from calming shades like navy, black, and beige.

  • Available colors: 4


The Fizzy Tablets That Clean Your Water Bottle For You

Reaching into water bottles with a scrub brush is a chore, to say the least. These water bottle cleaning tablets simplify everything — just drop one into a bottle full of warm water, let it stand and fizz for at least 15 minutes, then rinse. Your bottle will be squeaky clean, no scrubbing required.


A 2-Pack Of Sun Visor Clips To Hold Sunglasses

Keep your shades off your car seat where you might crush them, and secure them to one of these sun visor clips. Made from soft, genuine leather, each clip is easy to open with one hand and features a built-in magnet that secures it shut. Choose from two colors: black and gray.

  • Available colors: 2


This phone holder you can cleverly mount in 3 different ways

Make road trips or your commute a little easier with this universal car mount you can pop on the dashboard, windshield, or onto the vents for maximum versatility. And the clamps firmly hold onto the phone while the ball joint allows you to rotate, tilt, and adjust the viewing angle.


These game-changing wipes that you simply sweep across stains

Take care of spills wherever you are with these game-changing individually packaged stain remover wipes. The professional-grade wipes tackle stains on surfaces like car seats or your clothes, and they’re made without potentially irritating ingredients like chlorine, peroxide, or fragrances. To use, just sweep it across the stain and rinse off.


An organizer with spring-loaded clamps to hold a bunch of cleaning supplies

Get brooms, mops, rakes, and other tools off the floor and easily accessible with this wall-mounted organizer. It has five slots to hold onto bulky cleaning supplies handles as well as six hooks for hanging smaller items (like dusting cloths). It also has an impressive 35-pound capacity, so it can handle even the bulkiest cleaning items.


This dishwasher magnet to end confusion about the dishes

This double-sided magnet helps avoid that annoying confusion about the status of the dishes and lets everyone know when loads are clean or dirty. The peel-resistant and waterproof magnet attaches to most dishwashers, but if yours isn’t magnetic, it also comes with an adhesive option.


A luggage scale so you’ll never have to worry about excess baggage fees

Say goodbye to the risk of ever having to pay excess baggage fees at the airport again with this handy luggage scale. A must for anyone who travels, whether frequently or only occasionally, the best-selling luggage scale has an easy-to-read digital display and lets you switch between measuring units. Plus, it comes in a few different fun colors.


These clever gap fillers that fit between your car seats

Say goodbye to lost change, credit cards, earbuds, and other small essentials with these clever car seat gap fillers that come in four colors. One Amazon reviewer wrote, “An excellent addition to any car, truck, or SUV. It effectively blocks the gap between seats, preventing items from falling through and getting lost. The universal fit works seamlessly, and the high-quality leather adds a touch of elegance to the interior. It's easy to install and stays securely in place. A must-have for keeping your vehicle organized and clutter-free! Highly recommended.”


A mess-free batter dispenser that you can use with one hand

Breakfast just got way easier thanks to this genius and mess-free batter dispenser. Whether you’re whipping up pancakes, muffins, or crepes, the pull-trigger operation allows you to dispense just the right amount of batter while eliminating drips. Plus, it has a 4-cup capacity and a 3/4-inch opening that’s ideal for chunky batters.


This clever tool for spreading hard butter evenly

Thanks to this cleverly designed butter knife, you’ll never have to settle for cold, uneven chunks of butter on your toast again. It allows you to spread cold butter evenly onto your toast and in small spirals so it melts down quickly, and it doesn’t have any sharp points so it’s kid friendly, too. A number-one best-seller on Amazon, it’s been awarded over 5,000 five-star ratings thus far.


These 2-tier organizer shelves with endless uses

The limit does not exist with these two-tier organizer shelves that can be used endless ways. Sure, they make for ideal corner organizers in a bathroom, office, or kitchen, but they can also be used for serving snacks, breakfast buffets, and cocktails when you’re hosting at home. Some other ideas? They can also be used as a spice rack or perfume shelf, or can be incorporated into your coffee station, too.

  • Available colors: 6


This best-selling utensil rest with multiple slots

Say goodbye to messy countertops thanks to this utensil rest that has four slots to hold multiple cooking tools. Made of heat-safe silicone that’s easy to rinse or wipe clean, it comes in 17 colors and has already amassed over 30,000 five-star ratings on Amazon.

  • Available colors: 17

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