50 Weird Things for Your Home That Are So Genius & Wildly Popular on Amazon Now

See what all the rave reviews are about.

50 Weird Things for Your Home That Are So Genius & Wildly Popular on Amazon Now
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From wall-mounted soap dispensers that help declutter a bathroom to a clever pants hanger that maximizes closet space, these weird things for your home are so genius and wildly popular on Amazon right now because they work really, really well.

Whether it’s reusable products that are a sustainable alternative to single-use household staples or wireless lights that upgrade a kitchen without the cost of electrical work, this list has a little bit of everything. Upgrading your home doesn’t have to be expensive or require a full-on renovation — and these things prove it.


A reinforced door lock for added security & peace of mind

Install this reinforced lock on your front door for added security and peace of mind. The metal lock is designed to be 12 times stronger than a deadbolt and is able to withstand up to 800 pounds of force. It’s available in four colors to match your door and is easy to install using a power screwdriver and drill.


These genius straps that hold a fitted sheet in place

If you’re tired of the fitted sheet coming undone every single night, get these genius bed sheet straps to hold it in place. The metal clips are designed to grip the fabric and the fastener’s triangular design and adjustable bungee cords ensure they can be used on any size sheets. Keep bedding in place and never wake up to unraveled sheets again thanks to these clever straps that come with over 33,000 five-star ratings.


These picture lights for modern ambiance on a budget

Use this wireless picture light to add a stylish touch to a built-in bookcase in the living room or a gallery wall in the hallway. The battery-operated light is available in a silver, gold, and black finish and includes a remote that allows you to set a timer, adjust brightness, and turn the light on and off. It’s a cheap but sleek alternative to more pricey picture lights and it gets bonus points because it does not require any expensive electric work.


This self-adhesive weather stripping to minimize drafts

Seal windows and lower your energy bill with this self-adhesive weather stripping. The foam insulation comes in the form of a strong, flexible roll and can easily be cut down to size to fit your windows. In addition to stopping drafts, it creates a soundproof barrier to reduce noise and helps prevent water and dust from coming in.


A set of wall-mounted dispensers to declutter your shower

Declutter your shower floor with these wall-mounted dispensers that can be used to hold shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. Available in a variety of styles, the three-piece set includes chic waterproof labels and comes with adhesive brackets for easy no-drill installation. You also get a silicone funnel for quick and mess-free refills.


A magnifying vanity mirror that lights up

Upgrade your skin-care routine with this magnifying vanity mirror that lights up. The touch control allows you to choose from warm and cool light and the mirror offers 10 times magnification for close-ups of your face. It rotates 360 degrees and is super lightweight so you can easily pack it for travel and attach it to a table or wall mirror using the strong suction cups.


This marble contact paper for a stylish home improvement hack

Get the look of marble without the hefty price tag thanks to this clever hack — glossy marble contact paper. The self-adhesive paper features a shiny surface to make it look incredibly realistic, plus a grid pattern on the back to enable you to cut straight lines. Use it to update an old vanity or spruce up a shabby side table and you’ll be impressed with the difference this wildly popular Amazon find makes.


These round ice cube trays to chill drinks faster

Make cocktail-worthy round ice cubes and chill drinks faster using this lidded round ice cube tray that’s so useful, it has garnered an overall 4.6-star rating from more than 13,000 reviewers. It includes a container to store the ice and a scoop to grab it with, and the sturdy plastic mold makes it easy to release the little balls of ice.


A desktop water dispenser to keep you hydrated all day long

Stay hydrated through long hours of work emails with the help of this genius desktop water dispenser. It’s rechargeable for continual use and its compact size makes it easy to store and carry. The dispenser has a flexible silicone hose that you can insert into any water jug and a convenient tray for your cup, and it pours water for you at the touch of a button.


A magnetic cable manager to organize your workspace

Declutter your desk and organize cables with this magnetic cable manager that holds them in place. It has a nonslip bottom for a secure grip and doesn’t leave behind any sticky residue when moved. The small size doesn’t take up excessive room on your desk and its heathered fabric cover makes the cable manager a stylish yet discreet office accessory.


This smart light switch you can control from anywhere

Control the lights in your home from anywhere using this smart light switch that can be operated through an app on your phone, Alexa, or Google Home. You can group devices together to control them simultaneously and even create schedules and set countdown timers. With more than 29,000 five-star ratings, this small investment is a great way to upgrade your home on the cheap.


These wireless LED lights to illuminate a staircase

Add sleek lighting and an extra safety feature to your staircase with these wireless LED stair lights. They have motion sensors that automatically turn them on when movement is detected up to 10 feet away and then shut them off after 30 seconds of no motion to conserve energy. The battery-operated lights can be installed using the provided mounting screws or heavy-duty adhesive tape.


A light bulb changer that’s designed for high ceilings

Use this light bulb changer to switch out bulbs hanging from high ceilings safely and easily. It features a silicone cup that’s designed to be used for flat light bulbs such as recessed, canned, and flood lights. It’s compatible with a telescoping pole (which needs to be purchased separately) that extends to the ceiling and is a safer alternative to balancing on a chair or a wobbly ladder.


An outlet shelf to hold charging devices

This clever outlet shelf turns a regular outlet into a convenient surface to hold a charging device, whether that’s your phone or electric toothbrush. It can hold up to 10 pounds and is easy to install — simply remove the existing wall plate, assemble the shelf, and screw it in place to replace any duplex or decorator wall plate.


These colorful cutting boards that are extra-thin & flexible

These colorful cutting boards are extra-thin to take up minimal storage space and they’re flexible so you can conveniently transfer chopped foods without making a mess. Each has a nonslip base thanks to the lightly textured waffle design on the bottom. Plus, the different colors are a great way to avoid contamination in the kitchen by designating each mat to a certain food group.


A paperless pour-over coffee maker that’s so easy to use

Make yourself a delicious cup of joe at home using this highly rated paperless pour-over coffee maker. The set consists of a glass carafe and a fine mesh stainless steel strainer that keeps grounds out and flavor in. The carafe has an insulated collar around the middle to allow for a cool-touch grip and is a great way to save money by avoiding daily trips to the coffee shop.


This silicone cover to seal the gap between the stove & counter

Stop small food particles and grease from getting in that annoying gap between the stove and the counter by sealing it with this genius silicone cover. Its texture grips to the surface and has a matte finish for a discreet appearance. The cover is heat resistant up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit and is available in three colors and three sizes, but can easily be cut down to size to fit your space.


A touchless smart trash can to keep your bathroom clean

For an extra hygienic bathroom accessory, get this touchless trash can to keep the room clean. The smart 2.2-gallon can has a narrow design to fit in tight spaces and its locking lid creates a tight seal to contain odors. Additionally, the motion sensor opening mechanism allows for easy use and automatically closes after five seconds to preserve battery life.


An adjustable floor lamp you can control with a remote

Add an extra source of light through this LED floor lamp that can be operated with the provided remote. The flexible gooseneck can be adjusted to any angle, while the weighted base provides stability. The remote allows you to control brightness and color temperature, set a timer, and turn the lamp on and off from a distance.


These liners to keep fridge shelves clean

Place these washable mats on fridge shelves to keep them clean and prevent items from rolling around. The 12-piece set includes green, blue, and red mats to allow you to color-code shelves and their flexible texture makes them easy to cut down to size. They would also work well in a pantry, inside drawers, or as an alternative to placemats.


An automatic pot stirrer that’s a genius kitchen must-have

Ever forgot to stir something only to find a burnt mess on the bottom of the pot? Well, never again will you have to deal with that thanks to this automatic pot stirrer. The genius kitchen must-have has three variable speeds and can be adjusted to fit any cooking pot between 6 and 12 inches in diameter and 3 to 9 inches in depth. It’s quiet, cordless, and works for up to 10 hours on a full charge.


This adorable gadget that’s a spoon holder & steam releaser in one

Buddy, the adorable kitchen helper, plays double duty as a spoon holder and steam releaser in one. The doggy-shaped gadget attaches to the rim of a cooking pot to hold a spoon and keep the lid cracked to allow steam to escape. It’s heat-resistant and dishwasher-safe for easy maintenance and makes a great addition to your own kitchen or a gift for any budding chef.


These magnetic vent covers that provide a complete seal

Use these vent covers to create a tight seal to save on energy bills. They provide a great way to direct heat or cool air to rooms you actually need it in while blocking air from unused spaces. The pocket design ensures a complete covering and prevents any unwanted air gaps from forming, and there are a variety of sizes available to fit your vents.


A clever laundry detergent cup holder to prevent messes

Attach this laundry detergent cup holder to any size container of the liquid for mess-free pouring. Not only does it eliminate the heavy lifting, but it also catches drips and makes pouring a breeze. It features a removable tray for quick cleaning and its universal fit makes it a great addition to every laundry room.


These fuzzy ball towels that dry your hands extra fast

Replace regular hand towels that quickly get soggy with these cute fuzzy ball towels. Besides looking adorable, they are highly absorbent and dry your hands almost instantly. The two-piece set includes two different colored ball towels, each of which has a sewn-in loop for convenient hanging.


A laundry basket that collapses for space-saving storage

Collect laundry and save space with the help of this collapsible plastic laundry basket. It has a spacious 11-gallon capacity and a vented design to allow for good air circulation. The middle section pops up and collapses as needed and each of the four sides has built-in handles for comfortable carrying.


These bamboo dividers to neatly organize drawers

Finally tackle that messy junk drawer and create an easy-to-maintain system using these bamboo dividers. They extend to fit any size drawer and have rubber ends to grip the sides and prevent surface scratches. The dividers can be positioned horizontally or vertically, and are a great way to organize a variety of items, from socks to silverware.


A hot iron holster to protect surfaces from heat damage

Anyone who uses heat styling tools needs this clever hot iron holster that prevents surface damage. Made from heat-resistant silicone, it attaches to any smooth surface to hold tools up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s an excellent way to store a hot flat iron or hair dryer and it’s easy to pack for trips given that it’s completely movable.


A pants hanger to maximize closet space

Keep pants in pristine condition and maximize closet space with this unique pants hanger that has a sturdy metal construction and a stylish solid beechwood bar at the top. Each hanger holds up to five pairs and can be hung vertically or horizontally. It has garnered 6,00-plus perfect five-star ratings, so if your dresser and closet are bursting at the seams, give this Amazon favorite a try.


These corner grippers to stop rugs from curling

Stop rugs from curling and causing you to trip by attaching these grippers to the bottom of each corner. The V-shaped grippers are waterproof and can be used on indoor and outdoor rugs. The stiff plastic flattens the rug and keeps it in place, allowing for the rug to be repositioned without leaving behind any sticky residue.


This plug-in dimmer to give any lamp in your adjustable brightness

Create a cozy ambiance in your home and turn any lamp into a dimmable one using this plug-in dimmer. It has a 6-foot cord to reach outlets and the slide dimmer gives you full control of light brightness. It’s compatible with incandescent, halogen, and dimmable LED and CFL light bulbs.


A reusable pet hair remover that has over 114,000 5-star reviews

Remove pet hair quickly and easily using this Amazon-famous pet hair remover with tens of thousands of rave reviews. It traps pet hair in an internal chamber and once that’s full, you can dispose of it at the push of a button and continue using the roller. It’s easy to use, doesn’t snag upholstered surfaces and clothing, and is much cheaper than constantly purchasing a new lint roller.


This dryer vent cleaner that reduces drying time

If you can’t remember the last time you cleaned out your laundry appliances, it’s time to get this dryer vent cleaner kit. You’ll be shocked at how much lint and dirt it collects and how much faster your laundry will dry. Cleaning out the dryer vent regularly is also essential to help prevent a house fire, so this under-$10 investment is truly worth it.


These silicone oven rack covers to protect your hands

To protect your hands when pulling a pan of brownies out of the oven, these silicone oven rack covers are here to help. The heat-resistant protectors are 14 inches long each but can easily be cut down to size to fit your appliance. They come highly rated by over 4,000 shoppers who swear by them and they are easy to install — simply slide them onto the front edge of each oven rack.


A magnetic splatter cover to keep the microwave clean

Use this clever microwave-safe magnetic splatter cover to keep your appliance clean. It has steam vents to allow food to heat through without condensation building up and the cover is large enough to fit over a standard-size dinner plate. The lid has strong magnets that attach to the top of any microwave with a magnetic ceiling so you can easily lift and stick it there as needed.


A manual food chopper for faster meal prep

Prep veggies for salsas and stews faster with this manual food chopper. Pop everything inside the chopper, then use the pulling mechanism to chop the contents as coarsely or finely as you need. The ultra-sharp blades deliver quick results and a uniform chop to make meal prep a total breeze.


These glass spice jars with labels that are every organizer’s dream

Organize your pantry like a pro with these glass spice jars that include chalkboard-style labels, a white marker, a cleaning brush, and a collapsible silicone funnel for mess-free refills. They are made from high-quality, durable glass and have screw-on metal lids that create a tight seal to preserve freshness. The provided labels are for the bottle fronts and lid tops, so you can either store the spice jars on a shelf or inside a drawer.


A splatter screen to minimize cleanup after a fried dinner

Make post-dinner cleanup easier and cover frying pans with this splatter screen that’s made from fine mesh stainless steel to allow steam to escape while blocking 99% of greasy splatter. The customer favorite also doubles as a strainer or cooling rack, so you’re really getting three kitchen tools for under $10.


A refrigerator deodorizer to eliminate any funky odors

Eliminate funky odors lingering inside your fridge with this long-lasting deodorizer. Instead of just masking foul smells, it gets to the source, decomposing gases to completely eliminate odors. Unlike some deodorizers that have to be replaced regularly, this one lasts for up to 10 years without needing to be refilled or plugged in.


This extendable ceiling fan cleaner with a reusable duster

Finally give your ceiling fan a deep clean with this extendable duster. It has a fluffy microfiber head that traps dust and can be removed so you can wash and dry it for continual use. The pole extends up to 47 inches and in addition to ceiling fans and fixtures, the duster is also a great way to clean decorative molding, the space between appliances, and around window frames.


These reusable dishcloths to cut down on single-use products

If you’re trying to opt for more reusable products, get these dishcloths for your kitchen to replace disposable paper towels. The microfiber cloths have a soft, velvet-like texture and are fast-drying and highly absorbent. They are lint-free so you won’t find little fuzzies all over your surfaces and they are very versatile and can be used for dusting, cleaning windows, and everything in between.


A memory foam bath mat for a luxuriously soft bathroom addition

Step out of the shower and onto this cloud-like memory foam bath mat that has a nonslip bottom to help it stay in place. Available in over 20 colors, the plush cushioning provides ultimate comfort and the smooth microfiber surface gives the mat an ultra-luxurious look. It’s highly absorbent and quick-drying and has garnered over 44,000 perfect ratings from customers who rave about its quality.


An easy-to-install drain stopper so you can enjoy a relaxing bath

Enjoy a relaxing soak in the tub without worrying about the water level going down thanks to this bathtub drain plug set that creates a tight seal. It’s available in multiple finishes such as matte black, polished brass, and powder-coated white to coordinate with your bathroom hardware and provide a decorative finishing touch.


These drill power brush scrubbers that deliver a deep clean

Remove built-up dirt and grime from every nook and cranny using these drill brush power scrubbers. The four-piece set is way more efficient than if you were trying to clean an area manually, therefore saving you a ton of time and effort. It has gained more than 46,000 five-star ratings and is a great tool for grout, tubs, showers, and floors.


An electric can opener that cuts smooth edges

Save yourself the effort and replace an old manual can opener with this popular electric version. It works at the push of a button, opening a can hands-free and leaving smooth edges. It’s battery-operated and effortlessly cuts all the way around the can’s edge, and if you’re still not convinced, just peruse the tens of thousands of positive reviews.


A digital alarm clock that displays time & temperature

Add this digital alarm clock to your bedroom and enjoy its many cool features, including an LED display that shows time and temperature, a voice control option, and adjustable brightness settings. You can set up to three alarm modes, tell the clock you want to snooze a little longer, and use a night mode that turns the brightness off at nighttime and automatically turns the display back on in the morning.


This bidet attachment that’s way cheaper than a bathroom reno

Upgrade your bathroom without doing a full renovation when you get this internet-famous bidet attachment that offers all the benefits of an actual bidet without the cost and hassle of construction. It’s made from durable plastic and features a universal design to fit over any standard-size toilet. There is a control dial on the side to easily operate the bidet and choose from multiple water pressure settings.


An over-the-tank TP roll holder that’s great for small spaces

Just because your bathroom is tiny doesn’t mean you can’t store extra rolls of toilet paper — that’s exactly what this clever over-the-tank TP roll holder is for. It’s made from stainless steel so as not to rust in a humid environment and clips onto the side of the toilet tank for a compact way to hold two extra rolls without taking up any extra floor or shelf space.


These solar garden lights that look like clusters of fireflies

Illuminate your backyard and add a decorative touch to landscaping with these solar garden lights that look like clusters of bright fireflies. A sturdy base keeps them securely planted in the ground while the tops sway with the wind, creating a cozy ambiance. The lights are weatherproof to withstand both moisture and high heat and since they are solar-powered, there’s no need for extension cords.


These wood hooks for a minimalist take on wall storage

Use these minimalist wooden wall hooks to hang everything from bags in the entryway to hangers in a closet. The beechwood hooks are a great choice for narrow spaces as they don’t take up too much room and the four-pack includes all the necessary mounting hardware. Each heavy-duty hook holds up to 25 pounds and provides a stylish storage option for any room in your home.

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