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While buying cool stuff for your home can be fun, it can also lead to a larger-than-usual bill at the end of the month. Luckily, I’ve put together this list of things for your home that are weird, cool, and surprisingly cheap. From wall-mounted soap dispensers to privacy film for windows, there’s no reason why you can’t grab more than a few items — especially when the prices are this reasonable.


The LED night light that snaps into your outlet plates

Whereas bulky night lights can take up two outlets, this snap-on version leaves both outlets free. Installation is as easy as snapping them into the bottom of your outlet plate — no complicated wiring or tools required. And since they’re also energy-efficient, there’s a good chance you won’t notice a change in your utility bill.


A colorful privacy film that stays put without any adhesive

Nosy neighbors won’t be able to peek into your windows once you’ve put this privacy film up, as the striking stained glass pattern obscures the inside of your home from their sight. And if you’re worried about it making your home feel darker? Don’t be — while it blocks up to 99% of UVB rays, it still lets a good amount of natural light through. Installation is also a total breeze, as it stays in place using static cling rather than adhesive.


A draft stopper that’s *so* easy to install

Simply peel off the adhesive backing, then press this draft stopper onto the bottom of your door to help insulate your home. You can trim it with a pair of scissors to fit smaller doors as needed — and if your home isn’t particularly drafty, it can still help insulate your home against noise.


These under-cabinet lights that are *so* easy to install

Having professional under-cabinet lights installed can cost a pretty penny, whereas these DIY ones are sure to look just as good for a fraction of the price. The adhesive backing on the LED strip lets you press them into place without any tools needed — and they only need three AA batteries (which come included) to provide hours’ worth of light.


A shower caddy & soap dish that keeps your bath essentials organized

Get your bath essentials in order with this sleek shower caddy and soap dish set. It’s made from rust-resistant stainless steel and sticks easily to smooth surfaces such as tile, mirror, and glass. Both pieces feature built-in drainage so your items dry quickly, and hooks are included for your loofah, face cloth, razor, and more.


These adhesive door bumpers that help prevent damage

Letting your cabinets slam shut is unpleasantly loud, so why not add these bumpers to the corners? Their adhesive backing makes installation a breeze, while the clear design gives them an ultra-subtle look that’s hardly noticeable. Plus, they can even help prevent cracks and splits by absorbing the impact whenever your doors close too hard.


An elevated cutting board that gives you extra “counter space”

Don’t have a ton of counter space in your kitchen? Place this elevated cutting board overtop of your stove, and you’ll instantly have some extra room to work with. It’s made from sleek bamboo, with juice grooves around the edges to help keep mess to a minimum — and many reviewers raved about how it “fit perfectly” on top of their stove.


The bedside shelf that doesn’t require any tools for installation

Whether you don’t have space for a nightstand or your kids sleep in bunk beds, this bedside shelf is worth a look. A strong clamp underneath makes it easy to attach to your bed frame without help from any extra tools — and it’s even strong enough to support up to 35 pounds.


A paint pen that lets you refresh your grout for less

Having your grout professionally cleaned or redone can cost a pretty penny — instead, give this paint pen a try. There’s enough ink inside to cover up to 150 feet of grout, while a narrow pen tip makes it easy to color inside the lines. Plus, the formula is water-based.


These adhesive hooks made from rust-resistant stainless steel

There’s no need to drill into your tile walls when adding these hooks to your bathroom, as the peel-off adhesive backing lets you press them into place wherever you want. They can hold up to 16 pounds with ease — and since they’re made from sleek stainless steel, the chance of them developing rust is very unlikely.


A faux marble soap & sponge holder to clean up your sink area

Give your kitchen sink an upgrade with this faux marble soap dispenser and storage caddy. Made from durable resin with a compact design, it stays in place and won’t take up much counter space. Fill the dispenser with your favorite dish soap and use the built-in compartments with drainage holes to store your sponge and dish brush.


The microwaveable mat & cover that helps reduce splatter

Cleaning out your microwave can be a real pain — but that’s where this cover and mat set comes in handy. The cover not only helps prevent splatter, but it also features ventilation holes throughout so that steam can escape, ensuring that your meals come out crispy rather than soggy. And since the mat stays cool, you can use it as a giant heat-resistant grip when pulling hot items out of the microwave.


These waterproof mats that help keep your fridge clean

Place these liners on your refrigerator shelves, and they can make it so much easier to keep your fridge clean. They’re waterproof as well as oilproof so that wiping up spills is a total breeze — and the nonslip surface even helps prevent bottles from tipping over. Choose from two colors: white or multicolor.


The microfiber fan duster with a 100-inch telescopic handle

Rather than breaking out your stepladder, use this microfiber duster to clean those dirty fan blades while staying firmly on the ground. Its telescopic handle stretches to 100 inches, making it easy to reach your fan blades, light fixtures, shelves, and more. The microfiber duster head latches onto dirt, trapping it within its fibers until you shake it out over the trash.


An LED smart bulb that’s compatible with Alexa

Upgrading your home doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and this LED smart bulb is proof. Not only does it feature more than 15 million adjustable colors, but it also has a lifetime of up to 25,000 hours. Once paired with Alexa or Google Home, you’ll even be able to change its settings using convenient voice commands — and if you don’t have either, you can just as easily use your smartphone to do it from the palm of your hand.


This roll-up dish rack that’s great for small kitchens

If you’ve got limited counter space in the kitchen, this roll-up dish rack will be your new best friend. Featuring stainless steel rods with grippy silicone ends, it rolls out over the sink and provides a place to dry dishes and produce. Plus, the rack is heat-resistant up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit so it also works as a trivet for hot cookware.


A wireless charger you can use in portrait or landscape mode

Just because your phone needs to charge doesn’t mean you need to stop scrolling. Place it on this wireless charger that quickly powers the battery and props your phone up in portrait or landscape mode. And when charging overnight, the LED indicator will automatically dim so it won’t disturb your sleep.


The magnetic dry-erase calendar that comes with markers included

Having trouble keeping track of everybody’s schedule? Stick this magnetic dry-erase calendar to your fridge, and the entire household will be able to write down their weekly plans for easy reference. There’s also extra space at the bottom where you can jot down extra notes, or even a grocery list — and each order comes with four markers to get you started.


A spinning spice rack that comes with free spice refills for 5 years

Consider this rotating spice rack a smart pick in cramped kitchens. A gentle spin is all it needs in order to bring the bottles sitting in the back around to the front — and each order comes with 20 different spices included. The best part? Every purchase includes five years’ worth of spice bottle refills to help you save money.


This 32-ounce glass cold brew maker that won’t leak

Prepare nearly two liters at once with this cold brew coffee maker. It has a stainless steel mesh filter keeps any grounds from ending up in your cup. And since its flip-top lid is leakproof, you won’t have to worry about spills.


A waterproof Bluetooth speaker you can use in the shower

Listen to music or podcasts while you shower thanks to this waterproof speaker. Attach it to the shower wall using the included suction cup and lanyard and connect to your phone via Bluetooth to access your downloads. Compact and portable, the rechargeable speaker is great for travel as well.


These space-saving hangers made from sturdy beech wood

I prefer to hang my pants up rather than place them on a shelf, which is why I’m a big fan of these space-saving hangers. Their frames are made from a combination of high-quality beech wood and metal, making them sturdy enough to hold heavy denim without any sagging. Plus, each hanger has enough rungs for you to hang up to five pairs of pants.


The wireless doorbell that comes with 50 pre-installed chimes

Not only does this wireless doorbell have a range of up to 1,000 feet, but the weatherproof design also helps keep it in good working condition from season to season. The battery that comes included with it has a lifetime of up to three years — so there’s no need to spend money on a replacement anytime soon. And unlike some doorbells, this one even comes with 50 different pre-installed chimes for you to choose from.


The knife sharpener that prevents nicks on your countertop

Sharpen your knives without accidentally nicking your counter thanks to this cleverly designed knife sharpener. It features a V-grip that fits on the edge of the counter, keeping the blade angled at a safe distance. Suitable for straight and serrated knives, the sharpener has one slot to hone and refine the blade and another to set the edge.


These magnetic measuring spoons that are resistant to rust

It’s almost too easy to misplace your measuring spoons if they aren’t attached to each other — luckily, this set features a strong magnet in the center of each one that keeps them bundled together in storage. And since they’re made from sleek stainless steel, they’re also less likely to develop rust over time.


A hanging purse organizer that swivels 360 degrees

With four generously sized slots on either side, you’ll be able to fit eight of your favorites on this hanging purse organizer. The clear vinyl pockets (and the fact that the top hook rotates 360 degrees) make it easy to see all your options at once, and it will keep them from ending up in a pile.


This pan organizer that can be installed horizontally or vertically

Whether you install this pan organizer horizontally or vertically is up to you — but either way, you’ll instantly have storage space for up to five pans. The sturdy metal rungs can handle pans of nearly any size, including bulky cast iron. You also have the choice of three finishes: bronze, silver, or white.


These rug corner grippers indoors & out

Made of quality rubber that has an adhesive backing, these rug corner grippers are able to keep your rugs flat on the floor. There won’t be any unsightly curling or chances that someone trips over a raised edge. They work atop hardwood, tile, stone, and even other carpets, indoors and out.


A handled pumice stone that powers through water stains

While your toilet brush does an alright job at tackling that stained porcelain, this pumice stone is almost guaranteed to leave your toilet looking even cleaner. It’s tough enough to powers through everything from limescale to water rings — but unlike some other heavy-duty scrubbers, this one won’t leave behind scratches. The handle also helps you keep a firm grip when cleaning.


These stove gap covers that prevent food messes on the floor

Use these stove gap covers to prevent food from falling into the impossible-to-clean crevice between your appliance and the counter. Available in three sizes and colors, the nonslip silicone covers can be trimmed to size and will blend in with your countertop. To clean, just wipe them down or put them in the dishwasher.


A magnetic screen door that you can pass through handsfree

Leaving your screen door open is an easy way to wind up with a home full of bugs, which is part of the reason why I’m a fan of this magnetic version. A series of magnets running down the center allow it to seal itself shut once you’ve passed through — and you can even pass through it without using your hands. Installation is also a cinch, as each order includes push pins that let you secure it into place around your door frame.


This collapsible laundry basket that helps you save space

That clunky laundry basket you’ve been using likely takes up a ton of space in your closet, so why not downsize to this collapsible version? Nonslip handles help you keep a firm grip when carrying it around your home, while ventilation holes around the sides allow wet clothes to aerate between loads. Choose from four colors: light grey, mint, dark grey, or blush.


This veggie chopper that makes meal prep a breeze

Speed up meal prep with this TikTok-famous vegetable chopper. It comes with four interchangeable stainless steel blades that dice, spiralize, and create ribbons from veggies and fruits. Chopped produce is deposited into the attached container, minimizing mess and collecting ingredients in one convenient place.


These colorful mixing bowls with built-in pour spouts

Not only are these mixing bowls a colorful addition to any kitchen, but each one also features a pour spout to help keep your counters drip-free while cooking. They’re BPA-free as well as safe to wash on the top rack of your dishwasher — and the bowls even nest inside of each other to help you save space.


These sliders that help appliances glide across the countertop

Make your appliances easier to move on the countertop by attaching these sliders along the bottom of the machine. The durable self-adhesive sliders can bear the weight of heavy appliances with ease and glide smoothly across most countertop materials. They also slightly elevate the appliance, helping to protect it from spills.


This waterproof grill cover that comes in 5 colors

Leaving your grill exposed to the elements can lead to it becoming rusty — instead, use this cover to help keep it in good working condition. The waterproof material holds up against rain, while a built-in air vent works to prevent condensation from developing on the inside. Choose from five colors: black, cream, grey, mustard, or olive.


These stain-resistant cutting boards with nonslip handles

To feel confident enough to tackle any recipe, make sure you have this three-pack of cutting boards by your side. With the various sizes, you’ll be able to prep your vegetables, garnishes, and meat all at once. Each has a nonporous surface and built-in juice grooves to prevent drips from ending up on your counter.


This plastic bag holder that can be mounted on the wall

Instead of crowding every drawer with bags you intend to use later, keep everything neat and tidy with this plastic bag holder. It can hold up to 30 pieces and be mounted on your wall or cabinet door to truly be out of your way. Plus, the stainless steel is fingerprint-resistant.


A weeding tool that reaches deep into soil to yank out roots

Weeding by hand doesn’t always remove the roots, which can lead to them growing back — but that’s where this tool comes in handy. Four teeth reach deep into the ground, yanking out weeds by the root so that they don’t grow back. You can also use it to till your soil.


These highly rated silicone oven mitts that come in tons of colors

At nearly 14 inches long, these silicone oven mitts will keep your hands and forearms safe from hot steam, oven rods, and baking pans. The palms have a textured grip while the interior of each mitt is lined with cotton for extra comfort and protection.


A tiered organizer that easily fits into corners

Whether you need extra storage space for spices, makeup, or even office supplies, these tiered shelves have got you covered. The tiers can be adjusted up to 180 degrees, making it easy to configure them to your space. You also have the choice of six different stylish finishes: white, bamboo, bamboo with black legs, grey, rustic brown, or white.


This dimmable night light that comes in 10 colors

Don’t blind yourself with that bright overhead light whenever you get up to use the bathroom at night — instead, allow this night light to gently guide your way to the toilet. Its dusk-to-dawn sensor prevents it from wasting electricity during the day, and it’s even dimmable up to three levels. The best part? You have the choice of 10 colors, ranging from deep violet to classic warm white.


A 2-quart glass mason jar with a silicone seal

Thanks to its silicone seal, this glass mason jar can be used to store pre-mixed cocktails, cold brew coffee, or homemade juice. The airtight seal will keep everything fresh and the wide handle makes it a breeze to pour.


A paper towel holder that you can install without drilling

Free up valuable space on the counter with this wall-mounted paper towel holder. Made from stainless steel and available in several colors such as silver, black, and gold, it installs easily with self-adhesive backing. Mount it vertically or horizontally to suit your space and quickly pop your paper towels into place.


This septic tank treatment that can help prevent sewage backups

A sewage backup is the last thing anyone wants to deal with, which is why this septic tank treatment is worth a look. Simply flush one packet down your toilet per month, and it’ll help break down excess waste in order to prevent clogs, buildup, as well as septic overflow. “I was having issues with the bacteria in my aerobic system [...]” wrote one Amazon reviewer. “I dropped two off these in the toilet and within a week it fixed the smell I was having. Highly recommend.”


The cheese melter that also seals in smoky flavors while grilling

This melting dome does so much more than melt the cheese on your burgers and tuna melts — although it does that very well. This genius grilling tool also seals in smoky flavors and, when used with vegetables, brings out the juices and sugars, without letting moisture evaporate. It’s made from stainless steel and comes in three sizes.

  • Available sizes: 3


A multiplug outlet extender with a handy shelf

Maximize your plug-in capabilities with this outlet extender and shelf. This surge-protected gadget boasts six AC sockets, two USB-A ports, and one USB-C port. The most convenient aspect, arguably, is the shelf on top — use it as a perch for your phone or tablet as it charges, as a stand for your electric toothbrush, or as a permanemt home for your smart speaker.


The wall-mounted remote holder that reviewers love

Keep your remotes right where you can find them — on the wall — with this mounted holder. Boasting a stellar 4.7-star overall rating, it secures to flat surfaces via adhesive that won’t leave residue behind should you remove it in the future. The holder comes in both black and white, with optional dividers that keep everything organized and upright.

  • Available colors: black, white


The storage solution that goes over your microwave

Add storage where you didn’t know you could have any: on your microwave. This stand is designed to go over your appliance, providing space on top for plates, condiments, or whatever else needs a home. Hooks on the side let you hang cooking tools and oven mitts. It’s an excellent way to save on counter space and can handle up to 15 pounds.


A hanging bin for food scraps while you meal prep

Whether you use it for compost or as a mini trash can for food scraps, this hanging bin is a convenient addition to your kitchen. It holds up to 2.4 gallons and hooks over any cabinet door for instant installation. The flip-top lid keeps odors neatly contained — but you can slide it back and keep it open while cooking for easy access.

  • Available colors: 3


The nonslip bathtub mat with a loofah texture

To create a nonslip surface on your tub or shower floor, lay down this unique bath mat with a loofah-like texture. Besides giving your feet a firm grip, it adds cushioning and even lightly scrubs and exfoliates your skin. Instead of suction cups, it’s backed with a grippy plaid material to keep it in place.

  • Available sizes: 5
  • Available colors: 4


A pack of oven rack shields that add extra burn protection

All the oven mitts in the world can’t guarantee you won’t burn your arm when reaching into the oven — but these oven rack shields can add an extra measure of protection. Measuring 14 inches long, they can be trimmed to size or combined for extra length, then secured to the edge of each rack. They’re BPA-free and can withstand temperatures up to 446 degrees Fahrenheit.


The pot & steamer combo for quick & nutrient-rich meals

Cooking complete meals is a lot easier with this pot and steamer combo. You can use the bottom pot to boil rice, then place veggies, chicken, or fish in the top steamer basket. The set is also handy for steaming tamales and dumplings. Both pieces are made from stainless steel and are dishwasher safe.


A strainer & colander set for rinsing rice, washing produce & draining pasta

This strainer and colander set makes rinsing and draining a breeze. The strainer features fine holes for rinsing grains like rice and quinoa, while the colander has larger perforations for washing produce. You can also set the strainer inside the colander if you prefer to soak before draining off the water.

  • Available colors: 4


These heavy-duty storage straps for bulky hoses & cables

Organize hoses, cables, and bulky cords with these heavy-duty storage straps. Made from durable, weather-resistant material, each strap has a hook-and-loop closure and a built-in handle for easy portability and storage. With a weight capacity of up to 100 pounds each, these straps can handle your heaviest gear.


These skinny can organizers for your fridge or pantry

Designed to hold skinny cans, this set of drink organizers will keep your beverages tidy in the fridge or pantry. Each bin can hold up to 10 cans, gently rolling them forward when you grab one from the front. Made from durable material, these organizers are built to last.


A silicone utensil rest that catches drips

Keep your countertop pristine while cooking by using this silicone utensil rest. It has four slots to hold various utensils along with a drip pad that catches any spills. Available in colors such as gray, sky blue, and bright red, the holder is easy to rinse clean or place in the dishwasher when you’re done cooking.


A stainless steel knife set for under $20

This stainless steel knife set is a major kitchen upgrade that will cost you less than $20. The set comes with six knives including a chef’s knife, carving knife, and paring knife, each with a matching blade guard for safe storage. Available in blue, purple, black, and other colors, this is a set you’ll enjoy using every day.


An organizer caddy for food storage bags & wraps

Keep your food storage bags and foils neat and easily accessible with this kitchen wrap organizer. Its eight wire holders are adjustable, allowing you to store boxes up to 3.5 inches wide. With a built-in handle, the caddy is easy to lift and move as needed.


These door stoppers with built-in magnets

Prevent slamming doors from damaging your walls by installing these magnetic door stoppers. Simple to install with adhesive backing, the stoppers can be mounted on the floor or the wall to block the door from making contact. The magnet also holds the door open securely, preventing it from swinging shut if there’s a breeze.

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