Hands Down the 50 Weirdest, Most Clever Things on Amazon Under $35

These genius gadgets will make life a little easier.

by Allison Bolt
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If you’ve ever been scrolling and wondered how people find those clever products that instantly go viral, this is the list you’ve been hoping for. These 50 weird and clever things on Amazon range from a tap-to-dim nightlight shaped like an exhausted duck to a gadget that helps you carry in all the groceries at once. Not only are these the hands-down weirdest products out there, but they’re also all under $35 — with items starting at just $5.

Keep in mind — Black Friday sales last through the weekend, and we’ve included a couple of the very best deals Amazon has to offer here. These low prices won’t last long, so act fast if you see something you like.


A fun night light with touch-sensitive dimming

This squishy little night light looks like an adorable duck that has plopped itself on your bedside table. The quirky design will look trendy in any room, and it comes with three dimmer settings to make it even more versatile. Simply tap this USB-rechargeable duck to control how bright it is on your nightstand.


These functional & expensive-looking cabinet lights

These LED light bars are slim enough for under your cabinets and long enough that you won’t need a ton of them to illuminate your entire countertop. You can tap each one to turn them on before you cook, use the remote to turn them on, dim them after dinner, or even set a timer. You can also choose from the included simple (but durable) adhesive or screws to easily tuck these light bars under your cabinets.


A supportive under-cushion couch mat that comes in 4 lengths

Sliding this supportive wooden mat underneath your sofa’s cushions can save you from buying a new couch. It has a foldable design, so it can be used for a living room chair or loveseat, or to cover your entire couch. It’s also covered in soft Oxford fabric to protect your sofa cushions from damage. Choose from four lengths in the listing.


These easy-to-use straps to tidy up heavy home supplies

This durable velcro strap might just be the easiest way to store heavy or awkwardly bulky things, like water hoses, step stools, or cleaning tools. Simply wrap it around whatever heavy thing is making the floor of your garage or cleaning closet look messy, and use the sturdy loop on top to neatly hang it up.


This detangling brush with unique cone-shaped bristles

Detagling your hair doesn’t have to be a (literal) pain. This detangling brush features specially designed cone-shaped bristles that gently work through tangles without causing breakage or damage to hair. It can be used wet or dry and has a nonslip ergonomic handle that makes it easy to hold. Choose from several colors in the listing.


A jar & bottle opener with 17,000+ 5-star reviews

This jar opener is small enough to tuck next to your cooking utensils, and it will open up everything your can opener can’t handle. It comes with four different jar-opening sizes and a bottle opener that works with twist-off and pop-off caps that can also open soda cans. Plus, both of them come with a nonslip rubber design that’s easy and comfortable to use.


This sleek desk lamp with customizable light bars & settings

This sleek desk lamp is highly customizable because the LED light bars are adjustable. Simply push them together for a classic desk lamp look, or pull them apart to create two slim lights on each side (perfect to tuck behind your laptop). To make it even more customizable — it comes with a reading light setting and two different charging ports.


These bedsheet straps with over 33,000 5-star reviews

These adjustable sheet straps will make a huge difference in how wrinkle-free your sheets look. Plus, they’ll prevent that dreaded moment when the corner of your sheet pops off. They’re gentle enough to clip the durable stainless steel clips right onto the corners of your fitted sheet without worrying about rips.


A foldable under-cabinet hook for bruise-free bananas

This banana hook takes up way less space than an entire fruit bowl on your kitchen counter, and it can be installed with the included screws or adhesive tape. It reduces bruising, keeping your fruit fresh for longer. Use its fold-up design to hide it underneath your cabinet between uses. Choose from several colors in the listing.


A waterproof grout pen for an incredibly easy tile fix

You might find yourself ordering this waterproof grout pen for every tile floor, shower, and backsplash around your home because it makes the grout look that much cleaner. The precise marker-like cotton tip will even work with super thin grout. Plus, if your grout is two millimeters wide, this bright white formula will cover up to 120 feet of it with barely any effort.


A stick-on phone wallet with a super secure snap

Pop this adhesive faux-leather wallet on your phone, and you can easily get away with leaving your bag at home. It comes with slots for four different cards, so you can carry everything you might need. You also get a clear holder to display your ID and a little snap closure to keep everything secure. You can buy it in one of seven colors.


These comfy headphones that last 10 hours per charge

Not only can you comfortably listen to white noise or soothing tunes while lying down with this Bluetooth headband. You can also pull down the stretchy fabric and wear it as a comfy eye mask to make it even more soothing. It has easy buttons on the front, and it’s even sweat-resistant if you use it as a gym headband. It lasts 10 hours per charge.

  • Available colors: 11


A popular laundry folding board you can use anywhere

This folding board is compact and versatile enough to use no matter where your usual clothes-folding spot is (even if it’s just sitting on the bed). It will only take three quick steps to perfectly fold each piece in your laundry basket. Meanwhile, the secure design will prevent any sleeves or pant legs from falling out of the sides while you fold.


This 5-cup bacon grease container that comes with a strainer

If you’re not holding onto excess bacon grease to use in sautés, homemade popcorn, or oven fries, you’re missing out. This stainless steel bacon grease container comes with a strainer for keeping out burned bits and it can hold up to five cups of oil or fat. It’s also a great way to reuse frying oils.


These mop slippers that will easily take care of your floors

These stretchy pull-on mop slippers are everywhere right now because they’re super fun to use, and they’re actually a practical cleaning tool. Each one is covered in fluffy microfiber bristles to grab onto dust or even absorb spills every time you walk around the house. You can also fit them over a mop to speed up your new floor-cleaning routine.


A shower cleaner with 3 speedy scrubber options

This shower scrubber comes with three different cleaning heads, so tackling the shower isn’t a huge ordeal. You get a microfiber cloth, a thick sponge, and a durable bristle brush with this extendable scrubber. No matter which one you use, they all have a pointed design to make it easier to clean mold or soap scum from the corners of the shower.


Sale: 50% off this 5-socket outlet extender with USB ports

Plug this outlet extender with three USB ports into a wall outlet for extra charging spots without taking up floor space. It also packs in five classic outlets and a handy USB-C port, so you'll have more than enough space for a lamp cord, all your chargers, and more. It's also finished off with surge protection and a quick-charging design.


This waterproof car trash can with a magnetic lid

If your car has wrappers, receipts, and empty water bottles tucked into various spots, you’re not alone. This car trash can will help you keep your vehicle neat and tidy; it comes with 20 bags to line it and it features a washable, waterproof interior. The lid stays closed via magnets and the strap is adjustable.


This mason jar pitcher with a 4.8-star overall rating

This highly rated two-quart mason jar pitcher can be used to store and pour lemonade, juices, cold brew, pre-mixed cocktails, and more. It features a leakproof lid with a sturdy handle and it’s airtight to lock in the freshness of any drink. A one-quart version is also available in the listing.


These magnetic & weatherproof hooks for grilling utensils

Pop these three magnetic hooks on the side of your fridge, grill, or smoker to hold onto all of the utensils you might need. They’re completely weatherproof, so they can hang out on your grill all the time (even on a rainy day). The durable black silicone design is sleek enough to blend in with your appliance.


These makeup remover cloths that only need water to work

Effectively remove foundation, lipstick, eye makeup, and more using just water and these soft, reusable makeup remover cloths. Made of ultra soft microfiber, these cloths are espeically great for sensitive skin . Best of all, they're washable so you can use each one up to 500 times and eliminate single-use wipes.


This zero-effort sealer for a leak-free shower

This door sealer is a super quick shower door upgrade because you won’t need any tools or adhesive to clip it underneath the shower door. The barely noticeable transparent design also has two layers of durable vinyl on the bottom to keep the water in your shower. It’s universal, so it should have no problem fitting on your door.


This dusting brush & scrubber for window blinds

This combination dusting brush and window blind cleaner is seriously all you need for the most annoying-to-clean spots in your home. It comes with durable scrubbing bristles on one side to sweep dirt from baseboards or window tracks. Plus, you can flip it over and use the triple duster with a microfiber cover to quickly clean up blinds or vents.


These meat shredders that make meal prep faster

These meat claws are an easier-than-usual way to shred baked chicken or your favorite grilled or smoked meat. It’s all about their non-slip finish, easy-to-hold handles, and — of course — that clever claw-inspired design. They can also be used to grip meat for slicing (like large roasts and hams), and even getting a firm hold on large fruit like watermelon.


This bamboo in-drawer knife block that holds 14 knives & a sharpener

This easy-to-use bamboo knife block will make your kitchen knife drawer a much tidier (and safer) situation. The 14 sturdy slots cover all of the blades when you’re not chopping veggies for dinner. Meanwhile, there’s also a large slot at the center to store your go-to knife sharpener.


This highly rated honey dispenser that comes with a dipper

This glass honey jar might just be the most aesthetic thing on your kitchen countertop, and it comes with a functional honey dipper. The dainty (but sturdy) beehive-shaped jar looks stylized, but the handcrafted design is also simple enough to blend in with your kitchen decor.


This comfy bolster pillow with a washable bamboo cover

You can use this compact bolster pillow in four different ways, including as a low back, leg, neck, or even a between-your-knees pillow when you’re sleeping. The memory foam design and washable bamboo-blend cover also make it a great pillow for travel.


This versatile back massager with a 4.6-star overall rating

This massaging tool has a slim and compact shape that you can easily tuck under your desk or next to the sofa. It comes with three different hooks and six massaging nodes, so you can easily use it on whatever back or neck muscle is bothering you after work.


A little brush kit for a seriously clean keyboard

This clever brush set comes with seven tools — including brushes with bristles of various sizes and firmness as well as tiny tweezers — to sweep crumbs and dust from nearly any crevice. Get your keyboards, fan blades, humidifier nooks and crannies, and even your coffee grinder clean and dust-free.


An adjustable phone mount for extra-comfy flights

This airplane phone mount might make you even comfier on a plane than your favorite neck pillow will. It’s super easy to clip to the tray table, and it comes with a 360-degree adjustable design, so your show will be at the perfect angle throughout the flight. You can also prop it up on an open tray table or even your desk when you get home from your trip.


This moisture-proof rice dispenser that comes with a self-draining measuring cup

This slim dispenser will look so much nicer than bags of rice in the pantry, and it will keep up to 25 pounds of your go-to type of rice perfectly fresh. This moisture-proof design has a little box on top that’s for adding in dried herbs to repel pests from your rice. It’s also finished off with a matching, built-in measuring cup to speed up dinner.


A mini travel scale that can hold up to 110 pounds

This handheld scale is an easy way to make sure your bag is light enough to avoid extra fees at the airport. It has a simple strap to loop it around the handle of your bag and test the weight. Plus, it’s small enough to take in your suitcase, in case you plan on buying things before your trip back.


This paracord water bottle handle that comes in lots of colors

Make it even easier to tote your favorite wide-mouth water bottle with this handy paracord handle. It’s easy to thread over the bottle’s opening and works on bottles that are 10 to 64 ounces. Choose from lots of colors in the listing.


A beard straightener with 12 heat settings

This beard straightener has an easy-to-use design that will seriously speed up your beard routine. No matter how you slept on your beard or how tangled it is, the anti-scald bristles and 12 heat settings will take care of it. You also get a sleek, matching beard comb and a travel case to make it even more versatile.


This folding silicone sink cover for extra counter space in a flash

This foldable sink cover can hold all of the things you don’t have countertop space for. Go ahead and toss your brush, skin care products, and even a hairdryer on this durable and heat-resistant cover while you’re getting ready. It also has a cutout that still allows you to wash your hands while it’s in use.


These air fryer liners that are dishwasher-safe

These heat-resistant and dishwasher-safe silicone liners (up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit) make quick recipes even easier because they’ll keep your air fryer clean. Their non-stick design comes with built-in handles and the flexible design will also fit in your air fryer — even if it’s one of the large 5-quart options or even if it’s as small as 3-quarts. A larger version is also available in the listing.


This 32-ounce fruit infuser bottle with a 4.5-star overall rating

This fruit infuser bottle lets you flavor water with berries, citrus, and herbs for a refreshing blend that encoruages you to stay hydrated. The bottle holds 32 ounces and it has a leakproof lid and nonslip grip on the side for easy carrying.


An adjustable fabric shaver with anti-clog blades for clothing & upholstery

This fabric shaver is small and lightweight enough to carry all around the house to fix a pilling sofa or lint-covered blankets. It comes with two precise blades with an anti-clog design, and you can also adjust the height of the cover depending on how close you want the blade to your upholstery or clothing.


This popular cuticle cream made with seaweed, hot spring minerals & aloe

Reviewers report that this small travel-friendly bottle of cuticle cream lasts a surprisingly long time because a little goes a long way. The formula features aloe vera, hot spring minerals, seaweed, vitamin E, shea butter, and more.


A rechargeable lighter that looks quite expensive

This USB-rechargeable electric lighter will instantly make you feel so much fancier whenever you light your favorite candle. The sleek design will also make it look expensive next to your candle, while the flameless electric flame will save you money on disposable lighters. You can buy it in a slew of colors like black, red and silver. And best of all, it doubles as a flashlight.


These chic corner shelves for a stylized wall

These floating shelves are made of expensive-looking paulownia wood, and they’re specifically for those corners that can be so difficult to decorate and style. Their clever L-shaped design can hold up to 40 pounds, so you can style even your heaviest decor pieces in the corner of your space. They’re also easy to assemble.


This mortar & pestle that will give a sophisticated edge to your kitchen

This mortar and pestle will be the chicest thing in your kitchen with its classic marble design. The simple bowl is perfectly glossy on the outside with an unpolished textured finish on the inside to make it easier to grind up spices. It’s also easy to wipe clean when you’re done using it.


A spinning marble tray to keep the kitchen tidy

This lazy Susan is made of gorgeous marble that gives it a trendier and more stylized look in your kitchen than a classic plastic one. The 360-degree spinning design is perfect for cooking oils and spices next to the stove or for tidying up pantry ingredients. It measures 12 inches, in case you want to use it for a few small appliances.


These cherry measuring spoons with a built-in egg tool

This measuring spoon set comes with a clever (and adorable) design, with stem-shaped handles and easy-to-use cherry spoons. These quirky spoons will stay together with the removable ring on top. Plus, this colorful set comes with a leaf-shaped egg separator on top to finish off the look and be even more helpful in the kitchen.


These stick-on sound-dampening bumpers to fix every cabinet

These stick-on door bumpers are only five millimeters thick, so you can pop them on kitchen cabinets or bathroom cabinets and they’ll still close all the way. You might forget about them with their simple, transparent design, but they’ll make a huge difference when all of your cabinets close quietly. “I could cry from joy after buying these,” raved one reviewer.


These nylon brushes that will help refresh grimy water bottles

If your reusable water bottle needs a deep clean, you can give it a good scrub using this set of bottle brushes with durable nylon bristles. Featuring five brushes ranging from small to extra-large, the set allows you to wash bottles of all sizes. There’s even a straw cleaner included, and the entire set of brushes is dishwasher-safe.


A soothing & illuminated fountain that’s basically zero-effort

This tabletop fountain is just as soothing as a white noise machine, but it fits in much better as a piece of home decor. It comes with three water tiers, river rocks, and a soft glowing light for extra coziness. It also comes with a simple power switch and a water pump to prevent algae, so it basically requires zero effort.


This organizer with a super easy sliding drawer

This organizer comes with a sliding drawer, so you can pull it out and easily see everything you store on the bottom. The plastic design is durable enough for your under-sink cleaning supplies, skin care products, and more. You also get four matching hooks to hang up even more clutter on the side.


A waterproof digital thermometer that gives readings in just 2 seconds

Whether you use it for checking the doneness of meat, or even for checking the temperature of milk for baking, this waterproof instant-read thermometer will get a ton of use. It features a backlit LED screen and provides reading in just two seconds. It even has a built-in bottle opener on the end.


These water-resistant pest traps that look surprisingly nice

Pop these gnat and fly traps right into the soil of your house plants and watch all of those annoying little pests stick right to them. You get four adorable shapes in this pack, like a butterfly, flower, and more, so using these pest traps can also add a little extra aesthetic. They’re also water-resistant enough to hold up on watering day or to hang out in outdoor plants.


This magnetic telescoping flashlight with 14,000+ 5-star reviews

There are so many times that this telescoping magnetic tool will come in handy for picking up small dropped metal items like screws, bolts, and nails — it’s a must-have for toolboxes. The handle can extend up to 22 inches long and the gooseneck allows you to point it in any direction. It even has a small flashlight at the end for locating items in dim spots.


An umbrella hat with a comfy headband design

This foldable umbrella hat might seem a little quirky, but it’s honestly super useful when you’re walking your pup or even unloading groceries in the rain. It has an elastic headband with an adjustable drawstring to keep it super comfy. Meanwhile, this durable metal framed umbrella even gives you UV protection for sunny walks.

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