50 Cool Things That Are Blowing Peoples' Minds on Amazon

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by Rachel Bar-Gadda
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It’s a special moment when a product you stumble on has the capacity to stop you in your tracks with intrigue and astonishment. It can be something as party-ready as a charcuterie board set that includes a secret built-in drawer of cheese knives or something as day-to-day as a stackable lunch box and perfectly airtight condiment containers.

These, amongst so many others, are a few of the cool things that are blowing peoples’ minds on Amazon — so, browse away below and prepare your “oh, wow” face now.


A whimsical silicone utensil rest to keep your countertop mess-free

Cook and bake with abandon knowing that your countertop will be free of messy stains with the help of this little utensil rest in the shape of a crab. Made of food-grade silicone, set the rest on your counter and place your spoon, spatula, or whisk, for example, in its ready-and-waiting claws. Alternatively, you can use this rest as a steam releaser as it's also designed to sit securely on the edge of pots or pans.


This weird foot peel that’s is strangely satisfying

Give yourself an at-home pedicure while stepping into the strange world of this foot peel mask that has people posting pictures of their feet peeling like a snake. It’s easy to do. Wrap your feet up in the sock-like mask and chill for an hour. Then wash off the serum and wait six to 11 days for your skin to start sloughing like a shed. Your baby-soft feet emerge from that experience so the strangeness is also highly effective.


A stunning moon lamp that adds ambiance & decor

Perfect for the lunar-obsessed, this gorgeous moon lamp will add tons of ambiance when lit and double as unique decor when not illuminated. The lamp’s moon surface is hyper-realistic thanks to 3-D printing and includes either a cool white or warm yellow light option. Easily switch between the two with the ability to adjust brightness as well. It even comes with its own minimalist wooden stand.


This charger that doubles as a convenient stand

This popular MagSafe-compatible charger not only powers your phone but performs as a stylish stand as well. It’s designed with a chic silicone surface and comes in four neutral shades (black, jean indigo, sand pink, and white) to complement your bedside table or desk. You can place your phone either vertically or horizontally and it has the ability to work with your phone’s standby mode.


A ceiling fan duster for a top-down clean

Easily reach the tops of ceiling fans, bookcases, or other pieces of tall furniture using this ceiling fan duster that’ll give you the top-to-bottom clean you’ve been dreaming about. It comes with a pole that extends from 27 to 47 inches as well as a microfiber mophead whose many fibers trap all dust particles. Conveniently remove the mophead to wash and reuse again and again.


A set of vinyl drink coasters that store in a mini record player

Great for LP aficionados, this set of vinyl coasters looks just like the real thing and is even stored in an included record player holder. Six come in a set with each featuring a fun label (for example, one record is by “The Beetles”). As one reviewer put it, “Gave us a laugh reading through them and figuring out the real-life counterpart for each one.” The coasters are nonskid and, though thin, won’t let any condensation land on your table.


A popular pet hair remover that you’ll never have to replace

If you never want to invest in another device to get rid of your dog or cat’s hair, then this pet hair remover with over 148,000 reviews is the answer. It has blown all other lint rollers out of the water as it requires no sticky paper or battery refills. It simply relies on static electricity generated by a back-and-forth motion to pick up every last bit of hair which is then deposited into a built-in compartment that’s easy to empty when you’re done.


These packing cubes that allow you to take every favorite outfit on the road

Never again have to make the impossible decision of which favorite outfit to sacrifice when you have these packing cubes that let you fit everything neatly into a carry-on. Each set comes with four cubes in sizes ranging from small to extra-large and even includes a handy laundry bag as well. The cubes, which have garnered a near-perfect 4.8-star rating, are made of water-resistant material and feature a top panel made of mesh that helps airflow and keeps clothing fresh.


This silicone strainer that clips directly onto the pot

Drain boiling water directly from the pot when you opt for this ingenious pot strainer that clips onto the sides. Made of heat-safe silicone, it can be used on all kinds of materials from metal to wood to glass and makes it that much easier to quickly create gourmet meals without dirtying extra bowls. Plus, at half the size of a normal strainer, it stores efficiently in drawers or cabinets.


A set of nipple covers that blend seamlessly into your skin

Toss the bra and don all kinds of stylish pieces when you have these nipple covers to provide coverage. They’ve earned a high 4.6-star rating over 32,000-plus reviews for their ability to blend into the skin, rendering them nearly invisible. The silicone material provides a smooth surface and the skin-friendly grip helps them stay in place for up to 12 hours. Choose from four shades and two sizes.


This car seat gap organizer that keeps your essentials close

Tote around your favorite beverages while still having room to store your phone, wallet, and sunglasses using this car seat gap organizer. Made of chic faux leather, it comes in a set of two and ingeniously fits into the narrow space between the car seat and the console — normally the place into which items disappear forever. Instead, this organizer cleverly provides room to keep your necessities handy.


This neck reading light with a narrow beam for focused illumination

With a high 4.7-star rating after 103,000-plus reviews, this neck reading light is clearly a winning choice to deliver light just where you need it for easy nighttime reading. It’s made with LED lights that include three color temperatures (amber, warm, and cool) as well as three brightness levels. The flexible neck makes it comfortable to wear and the light can run for up to 80 hours on one charge.


These hydrocolloid acne patches that work overnight

These ingenious hydrocolloid acne patches work in six to eight hours to extract gunk so you can wake up to clearer skin. They come in a box of 36 patches which are all made in a translucent finish to blend nearly invisibly into the skin. The patches are all medical grade and safe to use on all skin types as supported by over 97,000 happy five-star reviewers.


A callus remover that quickly softens tough skin

Pedicure treatments have nothing on this powerful callus remover that sloughs away hardened skin. Apply it to clean skin and buff the callus using a pumice pad. You’ll be left with smooth feet and a light, fresh lemon scent that’ll have your local pedicurist very impressed.


These car window shades that block UV rays

Whether they be kids or friends, keep fellow travelers comfortable on the road when you mount these window shades that block almost 100% of UVA and UVB rays. The set includes four shades: two semi-transparent ones and two transparent ones to let in more light. They cling easily to your windows without leaving behind a sticky residue and fold up to be conveniently stored in the included pouch.


A toilet night-light in vivid color choices

Light up your bathroom in an array of vivid colors for those middle-of-the-night trips using this toilet night-light. It hangs on the rim of the toilet underneath the seat and uses motion sensing to light up in a choice of eight bright colors, or you can go full disco style with a color-rotating setting. Three AAA batteries are required with the light turning off automatically after detecting two minutes of stillness.


This sleek matte tumbler that can fit in any cupholder

There is nowhere you can’t tote along this gorgeous tumbler as it’s designed ingeniously to fit in any cupholder. With a large capacity of 40 ounces, it’s made of stainless steel and features double-wall insulation to keep your cold brew chilled and your hot tea steaming for hours. It also comes in 39 stunning colors ranging from mauve tones to bright neon shades, all in a stylish matte finish.


A fix for the pet hair on the furniture

It turns out that having a pet does not mean you spend your life vacuuming pet hair off the furniture like Sysphis with that rock. All you need is this pet hair remover to keep it easily in check. Just roll it back and forth on the couch and that sunny spot on the carpet where the cat likes to sleep and that fur is gone. Empty the chamber and keep right on using it for years. “This absolutely blows my mind considering this little thing works more efficiently than a high-powered vacuum cleaner,” said one reviewer.


The weird mushroom that keeps the shower drain clear

Tired of standing in scummy water when you shower? Replace whatever system you are currently using with this TubShroom hair strainer and that will end. It lets the water flow freely through the vertical strainer while trapping the hair. Pull the hair off occasionally and your shower drain will stop backing up.


This charcuterie board set with built-in cheese knives

Wow friends and family when you set out a snack spread using this bamboo charcuterie board set, complete with its own accompanying cheese knives. The set includes both a fruit tray and a charcuterie board, and the knives are stored directly in a convenient built-in drawer that also features room to display nuts. Two ceramic bowls are also included as well as slate labels and chalk.


The flashlight gloves that will become your superpower

Next time you go camping or fishing — or out to walk the dog — pull on this pair of flashlight gloves and become the superhero who shoots beams of light from your fingers. It might not save the world but it's very convenient. Tap the button on the back of your hand and your index finger and thumb become easy-to-aim flashlights.


This beard straightener that tames unruly hair

Achieve a fully groomed look within minutes when you use this beard straightener brush that renders unruly hair smooth with its ionic heat. It has three heat settings that can be easily adjusted from the handle and is safely designed to not scald the skin. A comb and a handy traveling case are also included.


An electric wine aerator that opens up flavor with one touch

This electric wine aerator makes it incredibly easy to open up and enhance the flavor of wine, even if that wine came out of a $10 bottle. Insert the tube into the bottle and place the aerator over the mouth, at which point it only takes the push of one button to mix oxygen into the wine and deliver it directly into your glass. Charge it via USB and easily pop it into your bag to take to any soirée.


This splatter screen so you don’t have to clean the stove

Fry up your favorite messy meal without spending the rest of the night cleaning grease splatter off the stovetop simply by setting this splatter screen over the pan while your meal spits and spills. It doesn’t trap steam so your dinner will be just as crispy as you like it. But it does stop the mess from exiting the pan. Then it goes into the dishwasher for clean up.


These dishcloth sponges that are better than paper towels

Put down the paper towels! They may be handy and absorbent but they are also expensive and wasteful. And these Swedish dishcloths are here to do a better job. Flexible in your hand, highly absorbent, slightly abrasive, and reusable. When they get dirty, wash them and put them back into action.


This stain remover spray that comes with a UV flashlight

You may find it impossible to banish lingering smells when you can’t even locate them in the first place. That’s what makes this stain remover spray and UV flashlight such a powerful duo. Use the flashlight to find hidden stains, old or fresh, that are only detectable by UV light. Then, apply the stain remover that uses the strength of citrus enzymes to rid your carpet, furniture, floors, and more, of odors.


This pillow stand that holds your tablet or book while you read

Instead of getting numb arms from holding your book, tablet, or laptop while you read or work in bed, set it on this pillow stand. It holds that heavy object at just the right angle so you can rest your arm or hold your stylus in it. Choose from four colors.


This vegetable chopper that comes with 4 interchangeable blades

If prepping produce for dishes feels like an overwhelming chore, feast your eyes on this vegetable chopper that comes with four interchangeable blades. Easily do a small dice, large dice, spiral, or ribbon and chop directly into the included built-in clear container. The blades are all made of sharp stainless steel for a clean cut, and the whole thing can be washed on the top rack of the dishwasher as an added convenience.


An outlet extender that plugs directly into the wall

With over 48,000 reviews and a high 4.7-star rating, this outlet extender is a clear winner for increasing the usefulness of your standard duplex socket. It plugs directly into your existing outlet to give you five AC outlets in addition to three USB-A and one USB-C port, all without taking up any floor real estate. There’s even surge protection built in for extra peace of mind.


This cable management box to keep cords hidden & protected

Clean up that tangle of cords under desks or beside TVs using this sleek cable management box. It’s large enough to fit power strips up to 11 inches long and has convenient cord outlets along the side. Plus, the lid features small holes to encourage airflow while protecting your cables and outlets from dust or meddling from pets. It’s available in a small size (featured here) and a large size.


A wireless doorbell that’s extremely customizable

This 4.7-star rated wireless doorbell is easy to set up and gives you tons of control over the sounds with both volume control and a choice of 60 chimes. The transmitter requires no batteries as it relies on self-generating power via the push button. On the other end, the receiver plugs into the wall and features an outlet built directly into it so as not to eliminate a socket. Choose from black and white.


This coffee pod drawer to keep your collection organized & accessible

As convenient as pod coffee makers are, the pods themselves can take up a ton of space if loosely stored on countertops or in cabinets. Enter this coffee pod drawer designed specifically to house up to 30 pods neatly and out of sight. It comes in black, red, or white, and is intended to sit directly underneath your coffee maker for a streamlined morning routine.


An electric egg cooker that makes them 3 ways

If you’ve struggled to make the perfect eggs, this electric egg cooker is what you need. Made in a cute retro design that comes in four colors, it takes up little counter space and has the capacity to boil seven eggs quickly at one time. Additional trays allow you to make omelets as well as poached eggs and the clear lid helps you keep an eye on cooking progress.


These transparent sticky notes that are great for annotations

Use these transparent sticky notes to write detailed annotations without making one mark on the actual text. They come in a pack of 200 sheets in a 3-by-3 inch size and are made of waterproof material, yet are easy to write on with almost any kind of pen except for gel or fountain pens. They lay perfectly flat and remove without leaving any stickiness behind.


A set of reusable condiment containers that come with their own silicone lids

These adorable and portable condiment containers are clearly beloved with a near-perfect 4.8-star rating for their ability to take salad dressings, mayo, mustard, and more, on the go with no fear of leakage. Seeing as how condiments can truly make or break a lunch, these containers ensure safe passage with the help of stainless steel cups and flexible yet airtight silicone lids that come in a range of aesthetically pleasing colors.


This TV backlight that adds ambient illumination

To both heighten contrast and enhance vivid colors, simply add this TV backlight into the mix. It’s made with temperature-adjustable white LED lights and mounts to the back of your TV using self-adhesive. Plug it into your TV’s USB for power and adjust brightness to suit your needs using the inline control.


A whiteboard for the fridge

Create your own reminder or brainstorming system right on the fridge where you are sure to see it often. This magnetic dry erase whiteboard sticks easily to the metal of your appliance so you can jot lists, notes, and other data with the four included color dry-erase markers.


These environmentally-friendly dog poop bags that are fully compostable

A dog’s gotta do what a dog’s gotta do, but that doesn’t mean there has to be added waste to the waste. These popular dog poop bags address this by using material that is totally plant-based and compostable. They come in a roll of 120 leakproof, odorless bags and are easy to tear and open when they’re needed.


These packing cubes for a super organized suitcase

Instead of cramming everything into your suitcase, build an organized system so that your bag is like a dresser on wheels. This set of five packing cubes lets you pack like items together — underwear in the small one, sweaters in the large — so that opening the suitcase reveals only order and you can find what you need without unpacking. There are ten colors.


This toilet paper holder that stores extra rolls next to the tank

This toilet paper holder makes it extremely easy to store extra rolls due to the fact that it hangs directly off of the tank. Made of steel, it has room to store two rolls, one ready for dispensing and another backup waiting down below. It has a rust-resistant chrome finish and works to efficiently take advantage of otherwise unused space.


A power strip tower with serious surge protection

If you’ve got serious power demands at home or work, opt for this power strip tower that provides you with 12 AC outlets, three USB-A ports, and one USB-C port. Most importantly though, this tower provides layers of protection against overload, short-circuit, over-current, and more — essentially cutting power the minute a voltage surge is sensed. In addition, there are power switches on each side, allowing you to save energy on a certain bank of outlets if they’re not being used.


The electric can opener that leaves no sharp edges

Set this clever electric can opener on the top of a can, press the button, and watch as it travels the can’s circumference, cutting away the lid. Instead of taking the traditional route, it cuts the side of the can so that you don’t have to fish out a sharp lid. A magnet lifts away the top, leaving easy access to the contents of your can.


A bidet attachment with adjustable water pressure

If you ever dreamt of having a more zhuzhed-up bathroom, it’s about to become a reality. This bidet attachment is a cinch to install on any standard toilet and offers you that next-level improvement you’ve been looking for. It features adjustable water pressure as well as an adjustable nozzle without needing to connect to any electricity.


These scalp massagers for the best shampoo

Turn every shampoo into a delightful spa-like scalp massage by using this scalp massager to work up a lather, exfoliate, and relax your stressed mind. The exfoliation removes dead skin, reduces dandruff, and feels great. Massaging your scalp is also reported to increase blood flow, which may increase hair thickness. This is a two-pack, each with two interchangeable heads with different lengths of scrubber bristles.


An alarm clock that projects the time & temperature

For those who desire the comfort of knowing exactly what time it is during the night, opt for this digital projection alarm clock. In addition to the time, it will also project the temperature of both inside and outside, automatically switching between the two. Rotate the projector up to 180 degrees to achieve perfect placement. The backlit display shows a plethora of information including the date, time, day of the week, and weather forecast.


This roll-up dish drying rack that saves major countertop space

If countertop real estate is at a premium, drying dishes can put a serious dent in available space. This clever roll-up dish drying rack helps keep countertops spacious by rolling directly over your sink to dry dishes or even produce. It’s made with stainless steel slats that encourage lots of airflow for fast drying and features silicone feet that sit securely on the edge of your sink. Plus, it rolls up to be stored within a minimum of space.


A reversible desk mat made of waterproof faux leather

Protect your desk’s surface from accidental coffee spills or scratches with this faux leather desk mat that’s backed by over 41,000 reviews and a high 4.7-star rating. Available in an array of stylish reversible colors, the smooth material works as a giant mousepad and its soft texture makes it comfortable on hands and wrists. A wet cloth is all that’s required for a quick clean.


This running belt that holds your phone while you do you

Even if your running ensemble has no pockets, you will have a way to carry your phone if you don this running belt. It holds it snugly against your body and has a port of wired headphones and a spot for some cash, credit cards, and keys. It’s invisible under a shirt so you can use it as a money belt while traveling, too. There are five colors to choose from.


A milk frother for cafe-worthy foam at home

There’s no need to change out of your bathrobe and fuzzy slippers to have a cafe au lait or cappuccino with delicious foam at home. This milk frother does a beautiful job. Just dip the whisk into the milk of your choice — hot or cold — and push the big button on top. It whips up some fast foam so you can practice your barista skills in your own kitchen. Choose from eight colors.


This wireless charger for an easy life

Why end every day with a frustrating chore? Instead of fitting a tiny plug into a small port on your phone in the dark, drop your phone onto this wireless charger, watch as the perimeter briefly lights to let you know it’s connected, and drop into bed. “I used to search for my charger cable and plug my phone in to charge it,” said one reviewer. “This is such a better way to charge.”


A travel mug that doubles as a pour-over coffee maker

Brew delicious coffee directly into this travel mug thanks to the included paperless, stainless steel mesh filter. The mug is constructed of vacuum-insulated stainless steel that will keep your brew hot for over six hours or cold for over 20 hours. Place the filter over the mug, add your grounds, and slowly pour in hot water for a flavorful cup. Pop on the leakproof lid and be on your way.

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