Go, Percy!

The 15 best reactions to Perseverance landing on Mars

"Girl, did you make it?"

Following a nearly seven month journey through space, NASA's Perseverance rover safely touched down on Mars as the whole world held their breath for the '7 minutes of terror.'

Soon after it landed, the world of the internet erupted in celebration and hilarious reactions. Inverse has rounded up some of the best reactions to the Perseverance touchdown on Mars from around the world.


The SUV-sized robot landed on Thursday at 3:55 p.m. Eastern time and is set to begin its mission of hunting for signs of ancient microbial life that may have once existed on Mars.

But first, we had to make sure that Perseverance, better known to the internet by its nickname Percy, made it in one piece.

Soon after, Perseverance wasted no time getting to work. The rover beamed back its very first image of Mars.

And of course that image was subject to people's own interpretations.

It inspired some fun videos:

And scientists had a lot to say:

As well as astronauts who expressed anticipation of the future of exploration of Mars.

The celebration was even extended to the most famous structures around the world.

But of course, no reaction is better than that expressed by the ground control team at NASA who have been a part of Perseverance's journey for months.

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