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The Inverse Interview

Mars rovers: 5 things you don’t realize until you drive one for 13 years

Vandi Verma has been working on Mars time since 2008. Here are five critical life lessons she has learned along the road.

believe it

Mushrooms on Mars: A “modern Galileo” fights to prove alien life exists

“Our team is advancing science, but those who oppose us are anti-science.”

different worlds

Perseverance: Meet the driver who navigates the Mars rover

up, up, and away

Ingenuity: Hear the first sound of a helicopter on Mars

asking for a friend...

How NASA got two robots to talk to each other on Mars

Before it can message Earth, Ingenuity needs a little help from its rover friend.


NASA reveals what’s next for the Mars helicopter Ingenuity

spectacular views

Ingenuity photo shows a spectacular new view of Perseverance on Mars

Ingenuity gazes upon its mother, knowing not it will soon die.

not bowie

Is there life on Mars? 5 discoveries that might be aliens, but really

We're getting closer to finding out if there's life on another world.

getting warmer...

Scientists just solved a mystery about life on ancient Mars

The answer may have been up in the air.


Ingenuity is getting faster and farther — watch

blood into wine

The Mars Rover just took a huge step towards humans living on Mars

Perseverance successfully turned carbon dioxide into breathable oxygen in a first-of-its-kind experiment.

free bird

Mars helicopter photo shows Ingenuity's most audacious flight yet

The tiny companion to the Perseverance Mars 2020 rover made a second flight over Jezero Crater.