After a tense seven minutes, NASA Perseverance rover lands safely on Mars

The robot will begin a quest to find life beyond Earth.

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Was Mars ever habitable? A new study sheds light on the planet's past

Despite ongoing efforts to find ancient life on Mars, Martian meteorites tell a different story.

Rochette the rock

Perseverance: Watch the rover look for “bubbles” of life

The rover is drilling its way through Mars, one rock at a time.

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Perseverance collects core sample and more: Understand the world in 8 images

for keeps

The NASA Mars rover collects something historic

This tiny piece of rock will help solve one of the biggest mysteries of the universe.

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Hurricane Ida seen by NASA and more: Understand the world through 9 images

Moon vision

Watch: Perseverance captures a sparkling sight from the Martian surface

Incredible footage showcases an other-worldly moon.


Can you spot NASA's Perseverance rover?

NASA's Ingenuity helicopter takes an aerial photo that let's viewers hunt for the Perseverance rover on the ground

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2021 Perseids meteor shower and more: Understand the world in 9 images

try, try again

NASA's Mars rover comes up empty

dry season

New Curiosity Rover find challenges a fundamental Mars theory

This changes scientists' perception of Mars' past habitability.


Look: 14 most stunning Mars images ever taken

Smile for the orbiter!

This week in science

Perseverance hunts for Martian life and more: Understand the world in 8 images