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NASA’s Mars 2020 rover takes its first test drive

"We can do so much more."

on the ground

2 incredible images of Mars show the aftermath of a terrifying landing

After its tense descent, HiRISE shows Perseverance just chilling on the surface of Mars.

Enjoy The Ride

Mars City design: 6 sci-fi cities that will blow your mind

Far above the rim

What a Mars rover mission can teach us about basketball

"I think that interplanetary travel is more like passing in basketball."

Life on Mars

A virtual tour of Mars now — and of its possible future

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NASA Perseverance rover releases epic first 360-degree panorama of Mars

Say 'hello' to Jezero Crater.

Inverse Daily

There's a hidden message on Mars. NASA wants you to figure it out.

Perseverance brought some secrets with it on its grand voyage.

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Mars 2020 rover landing: 2 NASA easter eggs you missed

The message "dare mighty things" was hidden in plain view. It took a group of internet sleuths to find it.

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You need to watch the NASA landing that had the world holding its breath

Perseverance really came through the seven minutes of terror like a champ.

Bad internet

"Mars, fascinating": Why a garbage video went viral before NASA could release the real one

A rotten ecosystem of science social media accounts is pushing hoaxy content to gin up audience numbers to sell low-rent affiliate ads. The Mars rover is the latest victim.

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NASA Mars video feels like a sci-fi movie: See the images

A case of life imitating art, more than 30 million miles away


NASA releases breathtaking video of Perseverance touching down on Mars

The rover survived the 7 minutes of terror — and has the video evidence to back it up.