After a tense seven minutes, NASA Perseverance rover lands safely on Mars

The robot will begin a quest to find life beyond Earth.

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NASA greenlights two new Mars helicopters and lengthens Perseverance’s resume

Space agencies are dreaming up a new way to bring Martian rocks to Earth.

Space Time

25 years ago, NASA landed its first rover on Mars — and catalyzed the search for life

Pathfinder brought the first rover to the Martian surface.

Seeing red

Behold! Curiosity discovers Martian rocks contain an essential ingredient of life

Mars may be more like some areas of Earth than we think.


Cosmic rays could erase evidence of past life on Mars

Amino acids don't last long near the Martian surface.

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Webb Telescope alignment and more: Understand the world through 7 images


Look: NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter spots beautiful spacecraft wreck on Mars

It’s a little dusty.


NASA Mars rover embarks on an ambitious hunt for life in ancient Martian riverbed

NASA's latest Mars rover is now scouting a place where an ancient river and lake met, called Three Forks. The sediments there could carry hints of ancient life.

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Behold! NASA’s Mars rover captures a stunning sight in the Martian sky

This is not your average eclipse.

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NASA might finally probe Uranus — if these scientists get their way

The Decadal Survey calls for missions to Uranus and Enceladus, among a host of other space science priorities.


Perseverance stumbles upon some of its own trash on Mars

The parachute was jettisoned during the landing sequence so the Skycrane could lower the rover down to the surface on its wheels.

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NASA Perseverance rover reveals how fast sound travels on Mars for the first time

A conversation on Mars may be more difficult than we thought.

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Perseverance’s first year on Mars and more: Understand the world through 7 images

Freshman year

6 major breakthroughs Perseverance made during its first year on Mars

The Martian rover has done the most!


Look: NASA's Perseverance rover spits out stray rocks ahead of ambitious sample mission

Looks fun!


New Mars study holds clues to how life began on Earth

Analysis of a 4 billion year old meteorite revealed clues on the history of the Red Planet.

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Mars Missions 2022: 4 ways we’re looking for ancient alien life on the Red Planet

We are getting closer to discovering if life existed on the Red Planet.