After a tense seven minutes, NASA Perseverance rover lands safely on Mars

The robot will begin a quest to find life beyond Earth.

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New Mars study holds clues to how life began on Earth

Analysis of a 4 billion year old meteorite revealed clues on the history of the Red Planet.

Mars Madness

Mars Missions 2022: 4 ways we’re looking for ancient alien life on the Red Planet

We are getting closer to discovering if life existed on the Red Planet.


Look: NASA Perseverance rover spots something remarkable above the clouds on Mars

Watch Deimos, Mars’ smaller moon, dance across your screens.


Look: NASA Ingenuity flight 15 comes to life in new video

See Ingenuity’s flight brought to life in a new video.


Look: NASA’s Mars rover just uncovered “something no one has seen”

Perseverance uncovers the mysterious insides of a Martian rock.

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What organic molecules found on Mars mean for the existence of life

The rover's predecessor discovered a new set of organic molecules, and Perseverance will help paint the full picture.

Open Mic

Listen: Perseverance captures the eerie sounds of Mars and Ingenuity

NASA released five hours of new recordings.

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Mars images reveal where Perseverance should look for ancient life

“This is what we came to search for.”

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Why this cosmic phenomenon means NASA can't communicate with Mars

The Red Planet is about to hide behind the Sun.


Was Mars ever habitable? A new study sheds light on the planet's past

Despite ongoing efforts to find ancient life on Mars, Martian meteorites tell a different story.

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Perseverance: Watch the rover look for “bubbles” of life

The rover is drilling its way through Mars, one rock at a time.

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Perseverance collects core sample and more: Understand the world in 8 images

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The NASA Mars rover collects something historic

This tiny piece of rock will help solve one of the biggest mysteries of the universe.

This week in science

Hurricane Ida seen by NASA and more: Understand the world through 9 images

Moon vision

Watch: Perseverance captures a sparkling sight from the Martian surface

Incredible footage showcases an other-worldly moon.


Can you spot NASA's Perseverance rover?

NASA's Ingenuity helicopter takes an aerial photo that let's viewers hunt for the Perseverance rover on the ground